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FILING INSTRUCTIONS. Complete Items 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17 & 18 on the CJA Form 31 voucher according to the instructions below. Attach invoice or statement to completed voucher, together with any additional documentation required by Item 16.
Please submit the completed voucher, invoice, and supporting documentation to the attention of Patty Layne, Clerk=s Office, 1100 East Main Street, Suite 501, Richmond, VA 23219-3517 by mail or hand delivery.

ITEM 2. PERSON REPRESENTED: Give the full name of the person represented. ATab@ to
Item 5.

ITEM 5. APPEALS DKT. NUMBER: Enter the docket number of the appeal. ATab@ to Item

ITEM 7. IN CASE/MATTER OF (Case Name): Enter short style of case, for habeas corpus
appeals, this is usually the defendant v. the warden; for a direct criminal appeal, it is U.S. vs. Defendant=s Name. If it is a multiple defendant case, enter U.S. vs. Lead Defendant=s Name, et al. ATab@ to Item 8.

ITEM 8. TYPE PERSON REPRESENTED: The box for Appellant is marked by default. If
the person represented is a party other than the appellant, click on the Ax@ in the appellant box to deselect it and then click on the box by Appellee, or Other. The Other category includes 28 U.S.C. '2244 - Motions for Authorization to File a Successive Habeas Petition.

ITEM 9. REPRESENTATION TYPE: Click on the box by D1, D2, D3, or D4 Other. Other
includes 28 U.S.C. '2244 - Motions for Authorization to File a Successive Habeas Petition. ATab@ to Item 11.

ITEM 11. ATTORNEY=S STATEMENT: The attorney for the defendant shown in Item 2 must sign and date this section. Click on the box by Panel Attorney or Retained Attorney. Enter the attorney=s name, mailing address, and telephone number. ATab@ to Item 15.
ITEM 12. DESCRIPTION OF AND JUSTIFICATION FOR SERVICES: Briefly describe the nature of the services requested and the reason the services are necessary to provide adequate representation.

ITEM 13. TYPE OF SERVICE PROVIDER: Select the type of service from among the
options in Item 13, or select Other and specify the type of service provided.

Rev. 5/09


ITEM 15. STAGE OF PROCEEDING: For appeals arising from capital prosecutions or
'2255 motions attacking federal capital convictions, click on box e or f. For appeals arising from habeas corpus petitions, check box j or k. For Motions for Authorization to File a Successive Habeas Petition under 28 U.S.C. '2244, check box o. ATab@ to Item 16.

ITEM 16. SERVICES AND EXPENSES: Enter the amount claimed as compensation, travel,
or other expenses for the services provided, and enter the total amount claimed on the line GRAND TOTALS (CLAIMED AND ADJUSTED). Services should be claimed directly by the service provider. Court-appointed counsel must not sign the CJA 31 until the claimant or payee has completed the required information. Claims must be supported as follows: C Duplication Services: The Court pays for commercial duplication services for briefs, appendices, and certiorari petitions at up to $.35 per page. Double-sided copying must be used for appendices, reducing the rate for the appendix to $.17 2 per page. Appendices may not exceed 500 pages without advance authorization from the Court. Duplication services for certiorari petitions may not exceed $300 without advance authorization from the Court. Claims for duplication services totaling less than $100 must be submitted with counsel=s CJA 30 Voucher rather than on a separate CJA 31 Voucher. Vouchers for duplication services must be supported by the invoice and the last numbered page of the brief, appendix, or certiorari petition duplicated plus a tally of unnumbered pages. If more than 8 copies of a brief or 7 copies of an appendix were reproduced, state on the invoice the number of co-defendants involved in the appeal. If the appendix exceeds 500 pages or the cost of a certiorari petition exceeds $300, identify the date of the Court=s order granting authorization to exceed the usual limitation. C Paralegal and Law Clerk Services: Services provided by paralegals may be claimed at an hourly rate of $35, and services provided by law clerks can be claimed at an hourly rate of $50, if such services will result in greater efficiency and lower costs for the CJA program. If the total cost of such services will exceed $500, advance authorization is required. Claims must be supported with an itemized statement of the time spent on the appeal, broken down according to date, description of services, and amount of time in hours and tenths of an hour. If the amount exceeds $500, identify the date of the Court=s order granting prior authorization. Secretarial services are not reimbursable. C Interpreter and Translator Services: Services provided by interpreters or translators require advance authorization by the Court of the rates and estimated total charge. Interpreters and translators must fully itemize their services by attaching to the voucher a statement of the services provided and rates charged. Interpretation of oral communication may be claimed at a rate not in excess of $54 per hour. Translation of documents may be claimed at a rate not in excess of $155 per 1,000 words. C CALR Services: Computer-assisted legal research services performed by employees of a computer legal research firm may be claimed by attaching the firm=s invoice to the voucher and showing that the total amount charged for the services is reasonable. If the Rev. 5/09 2

amount exceeds $500, identify the date of the Court=s order granting prior authorization for the services.

ITEM 17. PAYEE=S NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS: Enter the name and address of
the service provider, Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), and telephone number. Enter the dates the service was provided in Service From _______________To____________. An authorized representative of the Payee must sign and date this section.

ITEM 18. CERTIFICATION OF ATTORNEY: The attorney for the defendant shown in
Item 2 must sign and date this section.

Rev. 5/09