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United States Court of Appeals
District of Columbia Circuit 333 Constitution Ave. , N. W . W ashington, D. C. 20001-2866 Mark J. Langer Clerk General Information (202) 216-7000

May 9, 2002

NOTICE Pursuant to Circuit Rule 39 of the Circuit Rules of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, the Clerk has determined that as of May 13, 2002, the following charges for the reproduction of briefs and appendices will be applicable for the most economical means of reproduction available in the metropolitan Washington area: PHOTOCOPY Text, index and tabular matter per page Color matter per page Front Cover (briefs and appendices) Back Cover (briefs and appendices) Fasteners (per volume) $ .07 $1.02 $ .20 $ .11 $2.28

The costs of reproducing the required copies of briefs and appendices will be taxed at actual costs or at the above rate, whichever is less. Bills of costs not presented on forms furnished by the Clerk's Office or reasonable facsimiles thereof, or in which costs are not itemized and documented as required by the Clerk, will not be accepted for filing. All bills of costs received in the Clerk's Office shall be submitted on USCA Form 48 (Revised May 2002) and use no more than the costs listed above. Copies of USCA Form 48 may obtained from the Clerk's Office, Room 5523 or from the Court's Internet Web site at:

Mark J. Langer Clerk