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Case 1 :07-cv-00133-SLR Document 14 Filed 11/01/2007 Page 1 of 2
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Register of Copyrights REPORT ON THE
Eivvrluht §*i·<=¤ i=u.lno OR DETERMINATION or AN
1 raryo ongross
washin tm., ¤.¤. me A°T'°'*' °P APPEAL
In compliance with the provisions of 17 U.S.C. 508, you are hereby advised that a court action or appeal
has been filed on the following copyright(s);
count nmvie Ano i.ocAnon
>< ACTION I] APPEAL UnltcdStatc¤Dist1·iclCourt
DOCKET NO DATE FILED District oI'Dc1aware
_ · , 344 N. Kin Street
O-I · I3; 'Evl lc I O-I w11mmg1mE,o1¤;1ssu1 _ _y i _
i=·i.Ainnri= oerenoixnt gg;
wwnnsn nnos. nnconns mc.; clmrot maconns, inc.; and uiuc imconmncs, inc. ij gg 1
Carol Chnirts .-=“ ;:,§j'j]
copvnionw F9 "{,;gg ‘--_
REGISTRNUON NO. rme or wonlt Aurnon or gcnm Lgfk T
_ E Exhibit A, attached. 1,.. I `
2 "' g
3 __
4 l
__ ~
5 __
ln the above—entitled case, the following copyright(s) have been included:
one inctuoeo INCLUDED ev
[I Amendment U Answer [I Cross Bill [I Other Pleading
REG°:g;RY§;?$*JNO_ time or wonn Aumon or wonx
_ l
1 l
2 __ {
ln the above—entitled case, a final decision was rendered on the date entered below. A copy of the order
or judgment together with the written opinion, if any, of the court is attached:
conv Arr cneo wnirren opinion Armcneo one nenoeneo
D Order @.idgment D YES yl O , I
cuznit 7 l Y} oeeurr ci.eRi< one
··u.s.c.l=·.o. 1es2-:174-zvs l
Copy 1 - Upon initiation of action, mail this copy to Register of Copyrights.

Case 1 :07-cv-00133-SLR Document 14 Filed 1 1/01 /2007 Page 2 of 2
Carol Chaires
Copygight Owner Artist Recording Title Album Title §@
Warner Bros. Records Inc. Faith Hill lf My Heart Had Wings Breathe 276-629
Capitol Records, lne. Billy Idol Dancing With Myself Billy Idol 39-673
Capitol Records, Inc. Billy Idol Rebel Yell Rebel Yell 52-131
UMG Recordings, Inc. 3 Doors Down Be Like That The Better Life 277-407
UMG Recordings, Inc. Trisha Yearwood Perfect Love Song Book: A 245-328
Collection of Hits

Case 1 :07-cv-00133-SLR Document 14-2 Filed 11/O1/2007 Page 1 of 2
Delaware corporation; CAPITOL ) CIVIL ACTION No. l:07—cv-00l33-SLR
RECORDS, INC., a Delaware )
corporation; and UMG RECORDINGS, )
INC., a Delaware corporation, ) I
. . )
Plarntrffs, )
vs. )
Defendant. )
Based upon Plaintiffs' Application For Default Judgment By The Court, and good cause
appearing therefore, it is hereby Ordered and Adjudged that:
l. Plaintiffs seek the minimum statutory damages of $750 per infringed work, as
authorized under the Copyright Act (I7 U.S.C. § 504(c)(l)), for each of the five sound
recordings listed in Exhibit A to the Complaint. Accordingly, having been adjudged to be in
default, Defendant shall pay damages to Plaintiffs for infringement of Plaintiffs' copyrights in the
sound recordings listed in Exhibit A to the Complaint, in the total principal sum of Three
Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Dollars ($3,750.00).
2. Defendant shall further pay Plaintiffs' costs of suit herein in the amount of Four
Hundred Twenty Dollars ($420.00).
3. Defendant shall be and hereby is enjoined from directly or indirectly infringing
Plaintiffs' rights under federal or state law inthe following copyrighted sound recordings:

Case 1:07-cv-00133-SLR Document 14-2 Filed 11/O1/2007 Page 2 of 2
• "lf My Heart Had Wings," on album "Breathe," by artist "Faith Hill" (SR#
· "Dancing With Myself," on album "Billy Idol," by artist "Billy Idol" (SR#
· "Rebel Yell," on album "Rebel Yell," by artist "Billy Idol" (SR# 52-131);
• "Be Like That," on album "The Better Life," by artist "3 Doors Down"
(SR# 277-407);
• "Perfect Love," on album "Song Book: A Collection of Hits," by artist
"Trisha Yearwood" (SR# 245-328);
and in any other sound recording, whether now in existence or later created, that is owned or
controlled by the Plaintiffs (or any parent, subsidiary, or affiliate record label of Plaintiffs)
("Plaintiffs‘ Recordings"), including without limitation by using the Internet or any online media
distribution system to reproduce (i.e., download) any of Plaintiffs' Recordings, to distribute (i.e.,
upload) any of Plaintiffs' Recordings, or to make any of Plaintiffs' Recordings available for
distribution to the public, except pursuant to a lawful license or with the express authority of
Plaintiffs. Defendant also shall destroy all copies of Plaintiffs' Recordings that Defendant has
downloaded onto any computer hard drive or server without Plaintiffs' authorization and shall
destroy all copies of those downloaded recordings transferred onto any physical medium or
device in Defendant's possession, custody, or control.
DATED: Idle?-5 lb'? By: é&&é 2 Q
Hon; Sue L. Rob` son
United States District Judge