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Form 18: Lockout/Utility Shut-off Demand Letter
Your Name Your Address Date Landlord's Name Landlord's Address Re: Illegal Eviction or Utility Shut-off Dear Landlord, This notice concerns your attempt to unlawfully evict me from my apartment. Any attempt to regain possession of my apartment without going to court and obtaining a valid court order is illegal. This means that: 1. You cannot change the locks.

2. You cannot remove my possessions. 3. You cannot terminate any utility service. 4. You cannot threaten to do any of the above. All of these acts carry civil as well as criminal penalties. Under Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 93A what you have done constitutes an unfair and deceptive practice. I have experienced substantial interference with the use and enjoyment of my home because of your actions. (Explain how the lockout or utility shut-off has affected you and/or caused any property loss or additional expenses.) A reasonable offer would include, at a minimum, ______________ (state the dollar amount) and assurances that you will obey the law in the future. Your failure to make a reasonable offer within 30 days of receiving this letter could subject you to triple damages, attorney's fees and costs, if I decide to take further legal action. Sincerely,

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