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United States Bankruptcy Court Eastern District of Michigan

Chapter 13 Project Categories for Fee Applications Promulgated pursuant to E.D.Mich. LBR 2016-1(a)(15) To be used when the cumulative amount of the applicant's present and prior fee applications exceeds $5000.00

CASE ADMINISTRATION: Conferences with debtor(s) including initial consultations; preparation and filing of petition, schedules, statement of financial affairs, and all other pleadings and documents or amendments thereto, incident to the commencement of the case or thereafter; discussions and correspondence regarding the chapter 13 process, obligations of debtor(s), and options; obtaining information from debtor(s) or third parties necessary to pursue the case; making or responding to inquiries to or by creditors, the trustee and any other interested parties; periodic review of the file, TRAC, 13 NETWORK or other sources in preparation for hearings or filings, and developing advice. CHAPTER 13 PLAN: Formulation and preparation of chapter 13 plan and any plan modifications; discussions with debtor(s) regarding same; review of plan objections; discussions and negotiations with creditors and the trustee regarding the plan; attendance at status conferences and confirmation hearings; preparation and submission of order confirming or modifying plan. 341 MEETING & 2004 EXAMINATIONS: Preparation for, and attendance at, 341 Meeting and any adjournments; preparation of trustee supplemental sheet and domestic support obligation disclosure or other forms; communications regarding scheduling or rescheduling of 341 meeting; review of trustee's 341 meeting status sheet; preparation for, and attendance at, 2004 Examination or other discovery events; assembling and review of documents in connection with same. CLAIMS ADMINISTRATION: Analysis of, and objections to, specific claims, including preparation and filing of objections, negotiations with claimant, attendance at claim objection hearing, and submission of dispositive order. RELIEF FROM STAY, EXTENSION & IMPOSITION OF STAY, ADEQUATE PROTECTION: Conference(s) with debtor(s); review, preparation and filing of motions or responses to motions; negotiations with creditors or involved parties; attendance at hearings; preparation and submission of stipulations or orders. FINANCING: Agreements or authority relating to incurring debt, execution of a lease, purchase or replacement of residential property or a vehicle, including conferences with debtor(s) and involved parties, preparation and filing of motions or stipulations, attendance at hearings, preparation and submission of stipulations or orders.

SALE, REALIZATION, AND LIQUIDATION OF ESTATE PROPERTY: Conferences with debtor(s), purchaser, auctioneer, broker or other involved agents and parties; preparation and filing of motions to sell and for compensation incident thereto; settlements and dispositions of estate causes of action, such as tort, disability, employment, contract items comprising assets of the estate, and, preparation and filing of motions in reference thereto; attendance at any hearings and preparation and submissions of dispositive orders. ADVERSARY PROCEEDINGS: All activities directly related to a specified adversary proceeding, and separated as to each separate such proceeding. BUSINESS OPERATIONS: In cases where the debtor(s) is engaged in a business, either as a d/b/a or partner, or as the sole or part owner of an entity such as a corporation or LLC, or similar, from which debtor derives income - conferences with debtor(s) or involved parties; assembling, analysis, evaluation, and advice concerning the structure and relationship of such to the chapter 13 process and plan confirmation; and preparation of any required schedules and filings in reference to same. FEE APPLICATION PREPARATION: Preparation and filing of fee applications for self or others, attendance at hearings regarding same.

Notes: The Fee Guidelines of the United States Trustee relating to the Project Billing Format, and in particular paragraph (b)(4)(iii), specify the required format within each project category. Those guidelines are to be followed in chapter 13 fee applications. The Fee Guidelines are available through the Court's website or at: If reimbursement for travel time is requested, the travel time should be included in the applicable categories above.