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UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT DISTRICT OF OREGON LBF #104: INSTRUCTIONS FOR PREPARATION OF MASTER MAILING MATRIX (CREDITOR LIST) This court's Local Rule 1007-2. requires a master mailing matrix (list), which includes all creditors and interested parties, be filed with each petition, and with any amendments or other additions to a creditor list where new creditors or other interested parties are being added. Each matrix filed with a paper petition or amendment must be submitted on electronic media (e.g., 3.5" floppy disk, CD-ROM, etc.) unless the debtor and any other preparer of the matrix each file a certification that the matrix must be filed on paper since the person does not have the capability to create a matrix on electronic media. Each matrix must be prepared as follows to ensure it can properly be read by the court's computer equipment as any deviation may result in the case or amendment being returned, unfiled, for non-conformance: 1. LIST EACH ENTITY ONLY ONCE on the matrix, EVEN IF a debtor has multiple accounts with that entity! DO NOT INCLUDE the Debtor, Joint Debtor, or Attorney(s) for the Debtor(s) as they are automatically retrieved by the computer. 2. The matrix filed with a VOLUNTARY PETITION MUST INCLUDE the name and address of each general and limited partner for a partnership debtor; or the most recent officers and directors, and all equity security holders, for a corporate debtor. An INVOLUNTARY PETITION MUST INCLUDE the name and address of each petitioner; any petitioner's attorney; all last known general partners for a partnership debtor; and all last known officers for a corporate debtor. 3. You MUST BOTH: (a) SUBMIT THE MATRIX IN A FILE THAT IS (i) WINDOWS COMPATIBLE (i.e., NOT MACINTOSH!) AND (ii) IS IN A "TEXT ONLY" FORMAT (i.e., ASCII) ON A SEPARATE COMPUTER MEDIUM (e.g., floppy disk or CD FOR EACH CASE); AND (b) ATTACH an EXTERIOR LABEL on the media THAT legibly INCLUDES (i) DEBTOR'S NAME(S), AND (ii) TOTAL NUMBER OF LISTED ENTITIES. [NOTE: TO SAVE A FILE TO A FLOPPY DISK OR CD IN TEXT FORMAT: (a) Select File/Save As from the File Menu; (b) Click on the arrow on the Save In drop-down box; (c) Select the drive letter in which you want to save the document (e.g., A if a floppy disk inserted and D if a CD inserted); (d) Type a name in the File Name box; (e) Click on the down-arrow in the File Type drop-down box, and select a TEXT-ONLY format (e.g., ASCII dos text if using WordPerfect, or Text Only if using Word); (f) Click Save; AND (g) MAKE SURE the file name HAS ONE EXTENSION AND that IT IS ONLY ".txt" (NOTE: ".doc", ".wpd" and ".scn" are NOT ACCEPTABLE!).] 4. Use ONLY 10pt or 12pt standard fonts (such as Courier, Times New Roman, Arial). 5. DO NOT USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS (e.g., use "c/o", not "C/O", for "in care of"). Type in UPPER AND lower case as you would in a letter, EXCEPT FOR the 2 letter abbreviated state code (e.g., use "OR" for Oregon). 6. (a) DO NOT use a "|" (a pipe) character. Its use may result in a notice not being served. 7. EACH entity name AND address record MUST: (a) BE LEFT JUSTIFIED (i.e., flush against the left margin, no leading blank(s); (b) NOT EXCEED five (5) lines; (c) have "NAME" line one NOT EXCEED 40 characters; (d) have the ADDRESS lines NOT EXCEED 40 characters; (e) have any attention lines, and/or account #s, etc. you choose to include be placed ONLY ON line two; (f) the LAST LINE MUST ONLY INCLUDE (i) the city, state, and then zip code, (ii) a two letter U.S. Postal code abbreviation for the state, and (iii) a hyphen separating the two groups of digits when using a nine digit zip code; AND (g) be SEPARATED FROM OTHER RECORDS by at least ONE blank line. 8. ALL FOREIGN ADDRESSES MUST INCLUDE the COMPLETE name of the country to which the mailing is being sent. 9. SPECIAL ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR PAPER MATRIX (i.e., ONLY IF the debtor and any other preparer of the matrix each certifies they do not have the capability to create a matrix on electronic media, AND the number of entities listed is LESS than 300). [NOTE: If the total number of entities on the matrix EXCEEDS 300, you must comply with pt. 3 above. If questions, contact the court's IT department by calling (503)326-1500.] a. The matrix must be a TOTALLY SEPARATE document, "clean," and UNSTAPLED. Marks on the front of the matrix that are not part of an entity record (such as letterhead, dates, debtor name, lines, page numbers, coffee stains, handwritten marks or multiple columns) can cause incorrect data to be inserted. b. You MUST type ON the BACK of EACH PAGE: (a) the debtor's name; AND (b) the page number and total number of pages in the matrix (e.g., "Pg. 1 of 2," and "Pg. 2 of 2"). DO NOT put this information on the front of ANY page! c. DO NOT USE EITHER: (a) a DOT-MATRIX PRINTER; (b) POOR QUALITY TYPE (caused by submitting a photocopy or carbon, using a typewriter with a fabric ribbon, or using an exhausted typewriter); OR (c) NONSTANDARD PAPER (such as bond, onionskin, half-size paper, or any color of paper other than white). d. The names and addresses on a paper matrix MUST be in uniform and straight lines, AND MUST ONLY be typed in a SINGLE COLUMN and SINGLE SPACED on each page. e. Except as specified in #10 above, the matrix must be typed so that NO letters are CLOSER THAN ONE AND ONE-HALF INCHES from the top, NOR ONE-HALF INCH FROM any other edge of the paper. 104 (1/1/08)