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C.G.S. 3-99a; R.C.S.A. 3-99a-1 to 3-99a-25 Website: Mailing Address: Telephone: (860) 509-6003 Connecticut Secretary of the State, Commercial Recording Division P.O. Box 150470, Hartford, CT 06115-0470 (i.e. FedEx, UPS, etc.) 30 Trinity Street, Hartford, CT 06106

FINANCIAL UNIT USE ONLY AMT. REC'D $ CA CR TRANS. ID BATCH DATE Date_____________ Time_____________

Courier Delivery ONLY: Name of requesting party:

Customer ID#, if any (By providing my Customer ID# I am authorizing the Secretary of the State's office to debit my account): ) -

Phone #, including area code-REQUIRED: ( Street address or P.O. Box: City, State, Zip Code: Business ID# (if applicable): Name of business entity-REQUIRED:

Pick Up



Expedited Service fee is $25.00 per transaction in addition to the filing fee. Each certificate or copy is considered a separate transaction. DOCUMENT(S) BEING FILED NOTE: There is only one expedited fee when a Certificate of Incorporation and Organization and First Report are filed together for the same entity. Document filing fee(s) Number of documents being expedited ________________ X $25.00 (Expedited Fee) = $_____________ $_____________ $__________*

DOCUMENT FILING FEES DOCUMENT COPIES NOTE: Fees below include the $25.00 Expedited Service charge.

______ NUMBER OF CERTIFIED COPIES $50.00 each Name of Document Filing Number Date

______ NUMBER OF PLAIN COPIES $45.00 each Volume Page Fee $_____________ $_____________ $_____________

(Reference an attachment if additional space is required).




NOTE: Long Form Certificates and Certificates of No Record cannot be expedited. Number Requested Fee Fee Amount


Corporations, Limited Liability Partnerships, Statutory A. B. Express Certificate of Legal Existence Short Form Certificate (Reflects all name changes)

A. ____________ B. ____________


$45.00 $65.00

= =

A. $_______________ B. $_______________

Limited Liability Companies C. D. Limited Partnerships E. Special Certificates F. Certificates evidencing: F. ____________ X $50.00 = F. $_______________ Certificate of Legal Existence E. ____________ X $50.00 = E. $_______________ Express Certificate Short Form Certificate (Reflects all name changes) C. ____________ D. ____________ X X $50.00 $50.00 = = C. $_______________ D. $_______________

_____________________________________ REQUIRED INFORMATION FOR CREDIT CARD TRANSACTIONS, VISA or MASTERCARD ONLY. 16 Digit Credit Card #:________________________________________________ TOTAL AMOUNT DUE Expiration Date:_______________
Totals with the asterisks (*)

FEES (add A thru F)


Revised 10/15/08

EXPEDITED SERVICE REQUEST (24 Hour) C.G.S. 3-99a; R.C.S.A. 3-99a-1 to 3-99a-25 INSTRUCTIONS
1. 2. 3.

Print or type the name and address of the requesting party. Correspondence will be mailed to this address. Print or type the name of the business, which is the subject of the request. Print or type Customer ID (if applicable). By providing your Customer ID you are authorizing the Secretary of the State's office to debit your account. Mail: Pick Up: Documentation will be mailed to the requesting party at 4:00 PM on the following business day. Allow additional time for mail delivery. Documentation must be picked up before 4:00 PM on the following business day or it will be placed in the outgoing mail and cannot be retrieved. In this case allow additional time for mail delivery.



Expedited Fee is $25.00 PER TRANSACTION For example: Review of a document filing and issuance of a confirmation letter is one transaction while a request for a certified copy is another transaction. The request will be completed within twenty-four hours of receipt. If the twenty-four hour period ends on a Saturday, Sunday, holiday, or day on which the Commercial Recording Division is not open for business, the twenty-four hour period is extended to the appropriate hour of the next business day on which the Commercial Recording Division is open for business.


Please note: Expedited Service (24 Hour) is the amount of time this office has to process your request. Allow additional time for mailing. Paying for expedited service does not guarantee that your filing will be accepted. Each time a document is reviewed on an expedited basis and rejected, the $25.00 expedited fee will be forfeited. Therefore, if documents are to be expedited upon resubmission, an additional $25.00 expedited fee must be resubmitted along with the documents.

Revised 10/15/08