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Date: June 24, 2005
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Case 1 :05-cv-00426-SLR Document 1-2 Filed 06/23/2005 Page 1 of 1
msu titer. tt.u·t;
The IS 44 civil cover shoot and thc infomtation contained herein ncithcr rcsplacc nor sugplcmcnt thc tiling and scryicc ofplcadingg or other Eopcrs as rczuircd by law. cxccpt as proyidcd
by local mics ofcourt. This fomt. approved bythe Judicial Confcrcncc o thc United tatcs tn Scptcmbcr i97 tho civil docket street. (SEE INSTRUCTIONS on TttE REVERSE OF T}-IE Foam.; E r;;·;;-E:
Abbott Laboratories yn; ·*‘ h
Kim, Diana Fournier Industrie Safnte arg§
· . ` ' ·i S {A- .....
(b) County of Rcsidcrtcc of First Listcd Plaintiff Klngs w g ; ___ °
(EXCEPT IN U.S. PLAINTIFF CASES) (IN U.S. PLAINTIFF C · ·%Q;r %i=Z ’ L‘t’Ie,·_ . - -
(C) AIIOTRCYS (Firm Name. Address, and Telephone Number} Al'l0l'1l¤yS llfknown)
Morris and Morris LLC Counselors at L.w
1105 N. Market St wi1min·ton DE 198ul
Il. BASIS OF JURISDICTION (Place ¤n··:·t·· iii One ues Only) III. CITIZENSHIP OF PRINCIPAL PAR”I`IEStPuee or ··x·· in One noir tor Ptriinrirt
_ (For Diversity Cases Only) and One Box for Defendant)
Cl I U.S. Govcmrncnl V] J Fe.Ier·:1l Question PTF DEF PTF DEF
Pinintiit (IJ S. Government Not n Furry) Citizen ol`Tl·i.» Stute Cl I CI I incorporated ur Principal Place C1 4 CI 4
of Business In This Stute
D 2 U.S. Government g 4 Diversity Citizen oiAnother Stew H 2 D 2 Incorporated and Principal Pluce D S Q S
D'I°“""“‘ nrinieite cirieerienip nr Ponies in item tm °I B“‘""°‘ "‘ “"°""" Sm"
Citizenor Subjectol`.1 D 3 EI 3 Foreign Nation CI 6 CI 6
Furei n Count
IV. Place un "X" inOne Bow. Oni.
CI ill? lnsumnoe PERSONAL INJURY PERSONAL INJURY lj 6IiI Agriculture CI 422 Appeal 28 USC ISH D 400 5t.1teReapportionrnenI
CI l2U Marine CI 310 Airplane G 362 Personal Injury · CI 620 Other Food & Drug CI 423 Withdmvval S 4I0 Antitrust
CI |30 Miller Act D 3IS Airplnne Product M · -.. G 625 Drug Related Seizure 28 USC IS? 430 Bsrrlu turd Banking
Cl 1-Il] Negotiable lnstnunertt CI 365 of USC BSI D 4JOCoeru·nerr:e
D iso Recovery eroeerpeymenr 0 320 Lion Ji P CI om Li CI 4w Deponnrion
JL Enforcement ofludgrttent ‘‘‘** [I 368 ` ` D 640 D 820 Copyrights Cl 470 Racltetcerl tlue oed and
CI ISI Medicare Act lj 330 Ji Employers Injury Prod D 655 »\i 1, —_ Cl 810 Palcnl Corrupt Orggnizaliions
O I5] Recoveiyofbeiltultcd Liability l U D 340 Trademark D 480 Con;tumerCrorlit
student Lai-. D 340 rcnsomt. Pnorrnrv s D _ rv
rcre1.veter.iiui It 1-is cer D itu oitier Priori D osu other CI
J U3 EMG .... = i ,=?i`§.i U JT! Truth in D I ‘ T'; Commodities!
ot`V Benetits CI ISU Motor Vehicle 3 380 Other I U TIU Fttir Labor Slztntliarrls CI Bél HIA ( l39$fl) Exchange
D I60 Stoc ‘ Suits D 355 Motor Vehicle Property Damage Act D 362 Black Lung (923) D 875 Customer Challenge
lj |900the ‘ '3 ‘T` cr Product Liability CI 385 Property Cntmuge CI 720 ;j gmt Relations CI 863 DIWC/DlI\'\¥’(405(glj I2 USC 34lU
Cl I95 Contract Product Liability D 360 Other Personal Product Liability Cl 730 Q gtt·it_.Reporting D 86-I SSID Title XVI Cl 890 Other Statutory Actions
CI 196 Franchise ln u :*r.F‘i f _ e Act CI 865 RSI 405t D B9l Agrir.·ultun1Acts
REAL PltOPERT‘t' PRESONER PETITIOHS CI 140 Ii wuy Labor Act EDERA TAx SUITS D 892 Economic Stabilization Act
O 2l0 Land Cundermution D 44l Voting Cl SID Motioruto vacate CI 790 Other Labor Litigation D 870 Taxes (U,5. Plnintiif Cl 893 Environmental Matters
O 220 Foreclosure U 442 Employment Sentence CI WI Etrtpl. Rei Inc. or Defendant) D 894 Energy Allocation Act
D 230 Rent Lease & Ejectrrrenr lj 443 Housing; Hsbeu Corpur: Security Act U IJTI JRS—Third Parry D 895 Freedom oflnfo
Cl 240 Torts to land Accontrnodotinnr U 530 General 26 USC 7609 Act
g 245 TortProductLi4bility D 444 Welfare Cl 535 Death Penalty CI 900Appealot' Fee Detemiimtion
290 All Other Re.tI Property D 445 Amer. v :il¤ties - Cl S40 (5 ____ B J _»,4_y; i Other Under Equal Access
Employm l`l 550 to Justice
CI 440 Amor. w/Disabilities- lj 555 -* .****1 on D 950 Conslinttiortaliry of
Other State Stetct
D 440 Other Civil Right.: cs
V. ORIGIN (Plnee an ··x·‘ iii one ses only) T { d F ?r:Fea}ro District
ions cm: rom
QI Original lj 2 Removed from D 3 Rcmnttdcd from D 4 Rcinstzttcd or D 5 another district D 6 Multidistrict G 7 Agagfsnizgl
Pr c 'n Sim C rl r• lltttc oun R ri . tl ·· if Lili ntion Jttd mc
Citc thc U.S. Civil Statute under which you orc tiling (Do not cite jurisdictional statutes unless diversity):
VL CAUSE OF ACTION %r:l`§i:cscripti0rt ofcausci · - a - - .
n 1-com·etitive action to for- le - ·-n- ' e • en.- '·.
VI I. REQUESTED IN . crtnctc tr nits is it critss norton DEMAND s CHECK Yrs ont it iiemeiirteit iii ciiiiipiiiiiiri
VIII. RELATED CASE(S) ls _ __ _)_
rr tow °° lun · ent; A Jordon ¤:>c><:+<¤t~uMBE=< 05-ev-00358
DATE - ·· ··· · F RECORD
' I
G/Z 5/05, ‘
ott0t=t=t E usr; suv V