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L.B.F. 2016-2C "Supplemental" Application of Counsel for Debtor for Compensation and Reimbursement of Expenses for Post Confirmation Services Payable by the Chapter 13 Trustee UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF PENNSYLVANIA

In re:


) ) ) ) )


Bankruptcy No.


............................................................................................... Name of applicant applies under 330 of the Code for an order directing the chapter 13 trustee to pay an award of compensation and reimbursement of actual, necessary expenses for services performed after confirmation of the debtor's chapter 13 plan and represents:

1.Applicant is counsel for the debtor.

2. The debtor filed a petition under chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code on (date)

3. The debtor's chapter 13 plan was confirmed by the court on (date).

4. The debtor paid the applicant $ ______ prior to the filing of the chapter 13 petition.

5. Applicant's prior applications: First Application Period xx/xx/xx to xx/xx/xx Date of Order xx/xx/xx Requested Fees Expenses $________ $________ Allowed $________ $________ Paid $________ $________ Due $________ $________

Second Application Period xx/xx/xx to xx/xx/xx Date of Order xx/xx/xx Fees Expenses Grand Totals $________ $ $________ $________ $ $________ $________ $ $________ $________ $________ $________

6. Applicant requests an award of supplemental compensation of $ _______ for _____ hours expended in providing the following services: (Description of Services) 7. Applicant requests that compensation be awarded at the following hourly rate(s): (Specify the hourly rate for each person who provided services). 8. Applicant requests reimbursement of expenses in the amount of $ _______ for the following expenses (Description of expenses). 9. A copy of the applicant's disclosure of compensation pursuant to F. R.B. P. 2016(b) is attached as Exhibit "A" 10. Attached as Exhibit B is a copy of the applicant's time records setting forth the the dates and amount of time expended for the services performed on behalf of the debtor after confirmation of debtor's chapter 13 plan.


11. All services rendered and expenses incurred for which compensation or reimbursement is requested a. were performed or incurred for or on behalf of the debtor, the services and expenses were actual and necessary, and the compensation requested for those services is reasonable; and b. are not duplicative of services and expenses for which compensation or reimbursement was previously requested. 12. If this supplemental application is granted, the debtor's confirmed chapter 13 plan (check whichever is applicable) is adequately funded. is not adequately funded. 13. None of the compensation paid to applicant will be shared with any person other than a member or regular associate of applicant's law firm unless 11 U.S.C. 504(c) applies.

WHEREFORE, Applicant requests an award of $ __________ in compensation and of $__________ in reimbursement of actual, necessary expenses.

Dated:_______________, 20XX

Signed:______________________________ Applicant

By: __________________________________ Name:________________________________ Address:______________________________ Phone No.:(_____)_____________________ Fax No.:(_____)_______________________


Committee's Comments. 1. The revised captions and lead text refer to services performed after confirmation. The format for the applicants name follows that style used in current fee application forms. 2.Original para 8 is moved to para. Thought is that history of payments should be before the information about post confirmation 3.The Table that is in original para. 4 is better looking that what has been substituted. The substitute version is included to see if the Court wants the form to follow L.B.F. 2016-3 in requiring counsel to show the total of the fees and expenses and to include the date of any prior approval order. 4. Original para. 10 referred to time sheets for time spent since the prior application. The substitute is to refer to time spent after confirmation. 5. Except where "Applicant" is the first word of a sentence, the lower case has been substituted. This conforms to current fee application forms. 6. In paragraph 12, sub (a) is eliminated. The form now refers to a request for an award of compensation for post petition services that will be paid by the chapter 13 trustee. Original paragraph 12 b. is retained.