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VA Voluntary Service (VAVS) personnel, including volunteers, and any other personnel, who provide information or assistance to VA veteran patients on voter registration must abide by the following rules. You MAY: o Provide a form or other information to register to vote or to obtain an absentee ballot from the appropriate state.

o Assist in completing and mailing the form to register to vote or obtain an absentee ballot, or in completing the ballot itself.

o Direct a veteran patient to the state or local government office or entity responsible for voter registration, for example, State Secretary of State, State Board of Elections.

You MAY NOT: o Discuss partisan politics, promote a particular candidate, party or issue, or even express a personal opinion on a candidate, party or issue in response to a question from a patient.

o Wear any partisan political buttons, pins, or ribbons in a VA facility. o Direct persons to any voter registration being conducted by a partisan entity, for example a political party, union or special interest group.

CERTIFICATION: I have read and understand what is and is not permissible in connection with my providing voter registration assistance. I understand that the Hatch Act may place other limitations on my ability to engage in partisan political activities and that the above requirements are not intended as an exhaustive list of do's and don'ts under the Hatch Act. I understand that I should address any questions I have on providing voter registration assistance to the local Regional Counsel.

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