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mem 47 Filed 10/12/2 g y
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Docket Number: 06-3 83 9-cr :_i" { h S"}
Short Title: USA v. Hackney 5 p 2 Q mpg lg,
DC Docket Number: 00-cr—203 . 4% J}
DC: Age`; Sv , __ _ X. rift
DC Judge: Honorable Ellen Burngu) A-A" Qgggk ‘
ADDRESS 1`NQUIRIES TO (212) 857 - 8515
i The Court having continued Doug Jones , ret as counsel of record for the appellant John Hackney and
noting that the notice of appeal was tiled on 01/18/2005.
IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the docketing fee shall be paid to the Clerk of District Court within ten
(10) days after the tiling ofthe notice of appeal, in default of which the appeal shall be dismissed.
ITIS HEREBY ORDERED that the court reporter shall tile with the Clerk of the District Court within
30 days from receipt ofthe transcript order those transcripts ordered pursuant to FRAP l0(b)( 1). Any
motions by the court reporter to extend the time to tile the transcripts shall be made not less than 7 days
before the transcripts are due, unless exceptional circwnstances exist.
IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that counsel shall forward a copy of any amendment, correction, or
supplement to the initial transcript order to this court and to the Clerk ofthe District Court forthwith.
IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that within 10 days of the filing ofthe notice of appeal, counsel shall take
such steps as may be necessary to enable the Clerk of the District Court to assemble and transit the record
and index for transmission. The index to the record on appeal, a certified copy ofthe docket entries, and
the c1erk's certiticate shall be tiled before 10/10/2006. The documents constituting the record which
shall not be transmitted until requested by this Court, but will be required within 24 hours of such

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-47 Filed 10/12/2006 Page 2 of 2
Re: 06-3839-cr USA v. Hackney
IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that ten (I0) copies ofthe appellants brief and appendix be served and tiled
on or before 11/09/2006 .
IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that in lll1€ event of default by appellant in timely tiling the record or brief
and appendix or upon default by appellant in complying with any other provision of this order, the appeal
shall be dismissed. Counsel should be aware that defaulting a criminal case could result in sanctions
directed to the attorney.
i IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the United States shall serve and file ten (10) copies of its brief on or
before 12/11/2006, except that a response to a brief filed pursuant to Anders v. California, 386 U.S. 738 ·
(1967) shall be served and tiled in lieu of a brief by not later than 11/23/2006.
IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the argument ofthe appeal shall be heard no earlier than the week of
01/22/2007, except that an appeal in which an Anders brief has been iiled shall be ready to be heard
immediately following the receipt of the response of the appellee. All counsel should immediately
advise the Clerk by letter of the dates thereafter that they are unavailable for oral argument. The time
and place of oral argument shall be separately noticed by the Clerk to counsel.
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Dated: 9/20/2006 Ralph Obas I,
Deputy Clerk, USCA