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Case 3:00-cr-00201-AWT

TOTAL TIME: _____ hours

HONORABLE Judge Alvin W. Thompson_ DEPUTY CLERK Joanne Pesta RPTR/ERO/TAPE RPTR- Corrina Thompson USPO Bunita Keyes INTERPRETER _______________ 16 minutes

Document 24

Filed 05/29/2008

Crim-Sent of 2 Page 1 (April 12, 2004)

DATE May 29, 2008 START TIME 12:14 p.m. END TIME 12:31 p.m. W4444444444444444444444444444444444444U CR. No. 3:00-cr-201(AW T) DEFT # _______________ UNITED STATES OF AM ERICA Brian Leaming AUSA vs. CARLOS GREEN a/k/ Patrick Green Richard S. Cramer W444444444444444 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 U Defense Counsel

.... ....... ........ ........ ........ Sentencing held Sentencing continued until _____________ at _____________

Deft failed to appear, Bench warrant to issue Court departs upward from the guidelines downward from the guidelines

TIME SERVED on Count(s) 1 of substitute information and ____________ month(s) imprisonment on Count(s) ________of superseding/indictment/information Sentence on Count(s) __________ shall run imposed on Count(s) ___________ concurrently consecutively to sentence

to state sentence

........ ........ ........

Deft shall get credit for time served on Count(s) _________________ The defendant shall be on supervised release for a term of 12 months Deft placed on probation for a period of _______________ years/months on Count(s) _________________ of superseding/indictment/information Government's Motion for Final Order of Forfeiture filed granted/denied

........ .. ........

Preliminary Order of Forfeiture is outstanding. Final Order of Forfeiture, filed. Deft shall pay a fine of $______________on Count(s) ____________________ to be paid by ____________________ in installments of $ _____________ per _________ for a total of $ _________ $50.00 $100.00 for a total of $ 100.00 to be paid immediately

........ ........ ........

A Special Assessment of $25.00 is imposed as to each of Count(s) 1 Court recommends incarceration at

Deft shall pay $__________ per month for the cost of community confinement (halfway house)


supervised release

........ ........ ........ . ....... .... ........ . . . . . .....

Deft ordered to surrender on ____________________ to Bond continued set at $__________________

U.S. Marshal


Deft remanded to the custody of the U. S. Marshal Govt' s motion to dismiss remaining counts filed; Govt' s oral motion to dismiss remaining counts PSI filed under seal GRANTED GRANTED DENIED DENIED

If not appealed, PSI may be unsealed & returned to USPO

Deft shall participate in the 500 hour drug rehabilitation treatment program. Amended Plea Agreement Filed


Case 3:00-cr-00201-AWT Document 24 PROBATION: Filed 05/29/2008 CONDITIONS OF SUPERVISED RELEASE

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Deft shall pay restitution in the amount of $_____________ payable at the rate of $ ________________ per month payable to ___________________________


Deft shall be fined $__________________ on Count(s) _____________ to be paid during the defendant' s period of to be determined by USPO. supervised release probation on a schedule in-patient out-patient

...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ......

Deft shall obtain a psychiatric and/or psychological evaluation and/or out-patient counselling as deemed necessary by USPO. Deft shall obtain substance abuse treatment and/or counselling as deemed necessary by USPO. in-patient

Deft shall pay some or all of the costs of substance abuse and/or mental health treatment if determined appropriate by probation. Deft shall submit to random urine testing & monitoring as deemed necessary by USPO. Deft. shall receive educational and/or vocational training as deemed necessary by USPO. Deft shall pay the cost of supervision of $________________per month. Deft shall perform community service for a period of ________ hours per week for ________ year(s) for a total of ________ hours. Deft shall obtain and maintain full employment. Deft shall have no association with or be in the presence of, use, fabrication, assembly, transfer or dealing with weapons/firearms of any kind. Deft is confined to his/her home for a period of _____________ months electronic monitoring without electronic monitoring. Deft shall pay the costs of electronic monitoring. Deft is sentenced to community confinement (Halfway House) for a period of _______________ months. During the period of house arrest the deft shall be home at all times except for employment, religious obligations, medical attention, and community service. Deft shall engage in no social activities with the exception of those exclusively family oriented. Deft shall have no involvement nor relationship with nor be in the presence of any person who uses, deals with, or distributes drugs, nor shall he/she be in the presence of any actual usage of, dealing in or distribution of drugs of any nature. If Deft. Is deported, (s)he will not reenter the United States without obtaining advance written permission from the United States Attorney General and without giving advance written notice to the United States Attorney' s Office in Connecticut and the United States Probation Office in Connecticut. with




The defendant shall comply with all Standard Conditions of Release, Mandatory

Conditions of Release # 1, 2, 4, & 8 and the following Special Conditions: (1) If deported the defendant shall not reenter the U.S.A. without prior written aprproval of the Dept. Of Homeland Sec. & must notify the U.S. Attorney and Probation Offices. (2) The defendant is refrained from possessing a firearm.