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C 3:00- r-OO167- S Document 302 Filed 01/28/2005 Page 1 of 1
U.S.A. vs. ROBIN MCDOWELL Docket No. 3:00CR00167{DJS)
COMES NOW Bunita B. Keyes, PROBATION OFFICER OF THE COURT, presenting an official report upon the
conduct and attitude of ROBIN MCDOWELL who was sentenced to 24 months for a violation of 18 U.S.C. § 371 by the
Honorable Dominic J. Squatrito sitting in the court at Hartford, Connecticut on April 24, 2001 who fixed the period of supervision
at three years which commenced on December 18, 2002 and imposed the general terms and conditions theretofore adopted
by the court and also imposed special conditions and terms as follows: l ..1 ,;_,
1) The defendant shall participate in a substance abuse treatment program, either inpatientior gutpatignt, as `tiiE%ted by the
United States Probation Office, which may include random urinalysis. The defendant shall payfjall, or§portioa»e=f, the costs
associated with such program, based on her ability to pay, as determined bythe Probation Offl¢§3ti2) The defeig'ti’Z1’l'1t shall pay
restitution in the amount of $1 0,840.69, of such amount she is jointly and severally liable with §g=d‘efenG§r1t Co is Bonner,
for $3,126.67 and individually liable for the balance. Payments shall be made at a rate of $,5951er m?th, c encing on
June 1, 2003 and continuing on the first of every month thereafter or as otherwise instructed by__ge co@hould the
defendant’s financial condition change; and 3) The defendant shall use all due diligence t0 employment. i
U" i
The defendant is being cited for violating the following conditions of supervised release: J
Charge No. 1- Standard condition No. 1: " You shall not commit anotherfederal, state, or local crime. You shall not illegally
possess a controlled substance." On October 22, 2004, the Farmington Police Department arrested Mrs. McDowell and
charged her with Attempted Larceny 4“‘ Degree, Less than $500 on a Revoked Credit Card, interfering with the Police and
Identity Theft. The case is pending at Hartford Superior Court. Jury selection has been scheduled on March 2, 2005.
Charge No. 2- Standard Condition No. 13: "You shall notify the probation officer within the seventy-two hours of being
arrested or guestioned by a law enforcement officer." It/Irs. McDowell failed to report the arrest as directed.
Charge No. 3 - Standard Condition No. 3: "You shall report to the probation officer and shall submit a truthful and complete
written report within the first five days of each month." Mrs. McDowell has not reported in person since June 8, 2004. There
have been several telephone contacts by Ms. McDowell up until September 28, 2004.
Charge No. 4 - Special Condition - The defendant shall pay restitution in the amount of $10,840.69 of such amount she is
'olntly and severally liable with co-defendant Corendis Bonner, for $3,126.67 and individually liable for the balance. Payments
shall be made at a rate of $50 per month, commencing on June 1, 2003 and continuing on the first of every month thereafter
or as otherwise instructed by the court should the defendant’s financial condition change. Over the course of supervision,
Mrs. McDowell has paid $55.
Charge No. 5 - Standard Condition No. 7 - "You shall notify the probation officer ten days prior to any change in residence
or employment." On December 4, 2004, co-workers atJ.C. F’enney’s in Farmington, Connecticut advised that Mrs. McDowell
no longer works at J.C. Penney’s. In addition, a certified letter dated December 15, 2004 was returned on January 12, 2005
after being unclaimed by Mrs. McDowell. The postal service tried to deliver the letter to the defendant’s address in West
Hartford on December 16, 21, and 31, 2004. Robin McDowei|’s whereabouts are unknown and she is believed to be an
absconder from supervision.
PRAYING THAT THE COURT WILL ORDER a warrant be issued with the period of supervision tolled.
Considered and ordered th ay of January, 2005,
and ordered filed and made igjpj the records in the ‘ Bunita B. Ke es
abmi.-·6’e¤ · . U ited Sta es robatio icer
. ‘ Place
ominic J. Squatrito
united states oem Date
Before me, the Honor e Dominic J. Squatrito, United States District Judge, on this · day of January, 2005 at ,
U.S. Probation Officer Bunita B. Keyes appeared and under oath statedlhat the facts set forth ion are tr e to the I
best of her knowledge and belief. f ` ,
‘ */6/ VV W Thi?dHorab ominic J. Squatrito
_, Un e District Judge
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