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05-391 (12-07)



In order to reinstate an entity that has been forfeited, the Secretary of State requires evidence that the entity is eligible to reinstate with regard to franchise tax requirements. To provide this evidence, the Comptroller's office issues a Tax Clearance Letter, Form 05-377. This letter must be included as part of the reinstatement filing with the Texas Secretary of State. Information about the reinstatement process is available in Comptroller publication 98-336R, Requirements to Reinstate a Texas Entity or Reinstate the Certificate of Authority/Certificate of Registration of a Non-Texas Entity. The publication is available online at OBTAINING A TAX CLEARANCE LETTER All franchise tax reports and signed Public Information Reports through the reinstatement date must be filed. All franchise tax, penalty and interest must be paid. If all required reports and payments are already on file, complete and return this request. OR If all required reports and payments are not on file, send any missing reports and payments along with this request.
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Select how the Tax Clearance Letter should be sent. NOTE: The Certificate of Reinstatement, Secretary of State Form 811, applicable to entities governed by the Texas Business Organizations Code, is available online at The Application for Reinstatment, Secretary of State Form 801, applicable to entities formed prior to 2006, is available online at If you are filing the reinstatement through SOSDirect, online at, you can request the Tax Clearance Letter in .PDF format. Please note that requests are processed in the order received, regardless of the format you select. Please select only one: Mail
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Mail this request and all missing reports and/or payments to: COMPTROLLER OF PUBLIC ACCOUNTS 111 E. 17th Street Austin, Texas 78774-0100
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FOR ASSISTANCE: If you have any questions regarding franchise tax, you may contact the Texas State Comptroller's field office in your area or call (800) 252-1381, toll free nationwide. The local number in Austin is (512) 463-4600.
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