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Office Locations
Washington, DC

National Command Center (Emergencies ONLY)

800-DAD-SAFE / 202-372-2100 877-NOW-USCG (887-669-8724) 800-883-USCG (8724) 888-IASKNMC (888-427-5662) 800 874 6841

Coast Guard Recruiting Coast Guard Academy
Merchant Mariner Licensing and Documentation Uniform Dist Center Order Line & Customer Service District Command Centers (Coverage Area) District One Command Center (ME, MA, VT,NH, RI, CT, Eastern NY, & North East NJ District Five Command Center (Southern NJ, Eastern PA, MD, VA, NC) District Seven Command Center (FL, GA, SC) District Eight Command Center (MS, TN, OH River Watersheds) District Nine Command Center (Great Lakes) District Eleven Command Center (CA, NV, AZ, UT) District Thirteen Command Center (WA,OR, ID, MT) District Fourteen Command Center (Hawaii & Guam / Pacific Ocean) District Seventeen Command Center (Alaska) Local Sector/Group Commands (Listed by State) Sector Anchorage Command Center Sector Juneau Command Center (South East Alaska) Sector Mobile Command Center Sector Los Angeles-Long Beach Command Center Sector San Diego Command Center Sector San Francisco Command Center Sector Long Island Command Center Sector Jacksonville Command Center Sector Key West Command Center Sector Miami Command Center Sector St. Petersburg Command Center Sector Guam Command Center Sector Honolulu Command Center Sector Ohio Valley Command Center Sector New Orleans Command Center Sector Boston Command Center Sector Northern New England Command Center (N of NH/MA Border) Sector Baltimore Command Center Sector Detroit Command Center Sector Sault Ste Marie Command Center

Boston, MA Portsmouth, VA Miami, FL New Orleans, LA Cleveland, OH Alameda, CA Seattle, WA Honolulu, HI Juneau, AK

617-223-8555/ 56/57/58/59 757-398-6390 305-415-6800 504-589-6225 216-902-6118/ 6117 510-437-3701 206-220-7001 808-535-3333 907-463-2000

AK, Anchorage AK, Juneau AL, Mobile CA, Los Angeles CA, San Diego CA, San Francisco CT, New Haven FL, Jacksonville FL, Key West FL, Miami FL, St. Petersburg Guam HI, Honolulu KY, Louisville LA, New Orleans MA, Boston ME, Portland MD, Baltimore MI, Detroit MI, Sault Ste Marie

907-229-8203 907-463-2000 251-441-6215/ 6211 562-577-0334/ 310732-2045 619-278-7030 415-399-3530 203-468-4401/ 4402/03/04 904-564-7511/ 7512 305-292-8727 305-535-4472/ 4473/8701 727-824-7506 671-339-6100 808-842-2600 502-779-5422 504-846-6160 617-223-5757 207-767-0303 410-576-2525/ 2693 313-568-9560/ 9559 906-635-3233

MO, ST Louis NC, Atlantic Beach NY, Buffalo NY, New York OR, Astoria OR, North Bend OR, Portland PA, Philadelphia PR, San Juan RI, Providence SC, Charleston TN, Memphis TX, Corpus Christi TX, Houston VA, Hampton Roads WA, Seattle WA, Port Angeles WI, Milwaukee Staff Symbol CG-00 CG-09 CG-00A CG-00B CG-00H CG-00J CG-092 CG-0931 CG-094 CG-01 CG-1 CG-2 CG-ACO CG-ACO-I CG-4 CG-5 CG-6 CG-7 CG-8 CG-9 HSC GMSA

Sector Upper Mississippi River Command Center (N of St Louis) Sector North Carolina Command Center Sector Buffalo Command Center Sector New York Command Center Group / Air Station Astoria Group / Air Station North Bend Sector Portland Command Center Sector Delaware Bay Command Center Sector San Juan Command Center Sector Southeastern New England Command Center (RI and Cape Cod) Sector Charleston Command Center Sector Lower Mississippi Command Center (S of Memphis) Sector Corpus Christi Command Center Sector Houston-Galveston Command Center Sector Hampton Roads Command Center Sector Seattle Command Center (Puget Sound) Group / Air Station Port Angeles Sector Lake Michigan Command Center Washington, DC - Headquarters Commandant Vice Commandant Chaplain of the Coast Guard Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Director, Office of Civil Rights Chief Administrative Law Judge Director of Governmental and Public Affairs Office of Performance Mgmt. & Decision Support Judge Advocate General Chief of Staff Assistant Commandant for Human Resources Assistant Commandant for Intelligence & Criminal Investigations Assistant Commandant for Operations Director, International Affairs & Foreign Policy Advisor Assistant Commandant for Engineering and Logistics Directorate Assistant Commandant for Marine Safety, Security & Stewardship Assistant Commandant for Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Information Technology (C4&IT) Assistant Commandant for Capabilities Assistant Commandant for Resources Assistant Commandant for Acquisition Commanding Officer, Headquarters Support Command and Headquarters Staff Global Maritime Situational Awareness

314-269-2332/ 2463 252-247-4572 716-843-9525 718-354-4353/ 4193 (503)861-6211 (541) 756-9210 503-240-9311 215-271-4960 787-289-2041 508-457-3211 843-724-7616 901-521-4824 361-939-6393/ 6349 713-671-5133 757-668-5555 (x2) 757-638-6635 206-217-6002 (360) 417-5840 414-747-7182

202-372-4411 202-372-4422 202-372-4434 202-372-4433 202-372-4500 202-372-4440 202-372-4600 202-372-4562 202-372-3726 202-372-4546 202-475-5000 202-372-2700 202-372-2000 202-372-4450 202-475-5554 202-372-1001 202-475-3500 202-372-2020 202-372-3470 202-475-3000 202-372-4000 202-372-3055