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IN THE DISTRICT/SUPERIOR COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA AT ___________________ ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

Plaintiff(s), vs.




Date shown in the clerk's certificate of distribution on the judgment: (Note: Late-filed cost bills will be denied pursuant to Civil Rule 79(b).)


Plaintiff(s) Defendant(s) seek to recover the costs listed below. These costs are allowable under Civil Rule 79(f) and were necessarily incurred in the action. The amount listed for each item is the amount specified in the rule or the cost actually incurred. Date Incurred
(only required if relevant under Civil Rule 68)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Filing fee Service of process Other process server fees Publication Premiums for undertakings, bonds, and other security Depositions a. b. c. d. e. Court reporter's fee Court reporter's travel expenses Audio and audio-visual deposition costs Transcript List deponents:

$ $ $ $



$ $ $ $

Page 1 of 3 CIV-410 (3/00) (cs) COST BILL

Civil R. 79 Admin. R. 29


Witness fees a. Non-expert witnesses List: $


Expert witnesses List:


8. 9.

Interpreter and translator fees Total travel

$ $

(Attach itemized trip information. See form CIV-411.) 10. Long distance telephone charges for telephonic participation at court proceedings, depositions, the meeting of the parties, and witness interviews Computerized legal research Copying a. b. c. In-house copies ($.15 per page) Outside copy costs (actual cost) Other. Describe: $ $ $ $

11. 12.


13. 14. 15.

Exhibit preparation Court-ordered transcripts Other costs allowed by statute. Describe:

$ $ $




Signature Mailing Address City State Daytime Phone Zip

Page 2 of 3 CIV-410 (3/00) (cs) COST BILL

Civil R. 79 Admin. R. 29

Verification I state on oath or affirm that I have read this cost bill and its attachments and that all statements and costs contained in these documents are true and correct.


Subscribed and sworn to or affirmed before me at on . (date)

, Alaska,


Clerk of Court, Notary Public, or other person authorized to administer oaths. My commission expires:

I certify that on a copy of this cost bill was served on:

By: CLERK'S RULING ON COST BILL Costs are hereby taxed in favor of and against Remarks: in the amounts noted above.

Date I certify that on a copy of this ruling was sent to: Clerk:
Page 3 of 3 CIV-410 (3/00) (cs) COST BILL

Clerk of Court

Civil R. 79 Admin. R. 29