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County:____________________ Date Received_____________________ (Use Assessor's or Commissioners' Date Stamp)

Section I: Petitioner, please complete Section I only. Date: __________________________
Month Day Year

Petitioner's Name: Petitioner's Mailing Address:
City or Town State Zip Code



_____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ Petitioner states that the taxes assessed against the above property for the property tax year ___________ are incorrect for the following reasons: (Briefly describe the circumstances surrounding the incorrect value or tax. Attach additional sheets if necessary.)

Petitioner's estimate of value:

$________________ (_______)
Value Year

Petitioner requests an abatement or refund of the appropriate taxes. I declare, under penalty of perjury in the second degree, that this petition, together with any accompanying exhibits or statements, has been prepared or examined by me, and to the best of my knowledge, information and belief, is true, correct, and complete. _________________________________________
Petitioner's Signature

Daytime Phone Number ( Daytime Phone Number (

) )

Agent's Signature*

*Letter of agency must be attached when petition is submitted by an agent.

If the board of county commissioners, pursuant to section 39-10-114(1), or the property tax administrator, pursuant to section 39-2-116, denies the petition for refund or abatement of taxes in whole or in part, the petitioner may appeal to the board of assessment appeals pursuant to the provisions of section 39-2-125 within thirty days of the entry of any such decision, 39-10-114.5(1), C.R.S. Section II:

Assessor's Recommendation
(For Assessor's Use Only) Tax Year __________ Actual Assessed Tax

Original Corrected Abate/Refund

________________ ________________ ______________ ________________ ________________ ______________ ________________ ________________ ______________

Assessor recommends approval as outlined above. No protest was filed for the year: ________ (If a protest was filed, please attach a copy of the NOD.) Assessor recommends denial for the following reason(s):

Assessor's or Deputy Assessor's Signature 15-DPT-AR No. 920-66/06

(Section III or Section IV must be completed) Every petition for abatement or refund filed pursuant to section 39-10-114 shall be acted upon pursuant to the provisions of this section by the board of county commissioners or the assessor, as appropriate, within six months of the date of filing such petition, 39-1-113(1.7), C.R.S.

Section III:

Written Mutual Agreement of Assessor and Petitioner
(Only for abatements up to $1,000)

The commissioners of _______________________ County authorize the assessor by Resolution No. _________ to review petitions for abatement or refund and to settle by written mutual agreement any such petition for abatement or refund in an amount of one thousand dollars or less per tract, parcel, or lot of land or per schedule of personal property, in accordance with 39-1-113(1.5), C.R.S. The assessor and petitioner mutually agree to the values and tax abatement/refund of:
Tax Year __________ Actual Original Corrected Abate/Refund Assessed Tax

________________ ________________ ______________ ________________ ________________ ______________ ________________ ________________ ______________

Note: The total tax amount does not include accrued interest, penalties, and fees associated with late and/or delinquent tax payments, if applicable. Please contact the county treasurer for full payment information.

Petitioner's Signature


Assessor's or Deputy Assessor's Signature


Section IV:

Decision of the County Commissioners
(Must be completed if Section III does not apply)

WHEREAS, The County Commissioners of _________________ County, State of Colorado, at a duly and lawfully called regular meeting held on _____/_____/_____, at which meeting there were present the following members:
Month Day Year

___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ with notice of such meeting and an opportunity to be present having been given to the taxpayer and the Assessor of said County and Assessor _______________________________________(being present--not present) and

petitioner __________________________________(being present--not present), and WHEREAS, The said

County Commissioners have carefully considered the within petition, and are fully advised in relation thereto, NOW BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board (agrees--does not agree) with the recommendation of the assessor and the petition be (approved--approved in part--denied) with an abatement/refund as follows: ______

Assessed Value

Taxes Abate/Refund

Chairperson of the Board of County Commissioners' Signature

I, _______________________________County Clerk and Ex-officio Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners in and for the aforementioned county, do hereby certify that the above and foregoing order is truly copied from the record of the proceedings of the Board of County Commissioners. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said County this ___________ day of__________________, _________.
Month Year ____________________________________________ County Clerk's or Deputy County Clerk's Signature

Note: Abatements greater than $1,000 per schedule, per year, must be submitted in duplicate to the Property Tax Administrator for review.

Section V:

Action of the Property Tax Administrator
(For all abatements greater than $1,000)

The action of the Board of County Commissioners, relative to the within petition, is hereby Approved Approved in part $___________________ Denied for the following reason(s):

Secretary's Signature 15-DPT-AR No. 920-66/06

Property Tax Administrator's Signature Date