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Plaintiff(s), vs.



AFFIDAVIT I, the undersigned, upon oath or affirmation and under penalty of perjury, state as follows: 1. I am: the judgment creditor the attorney for the judgment creditor

2. 3.

The judgment creditor has obtained a judgment against in the total amount of $ .

(judgment debtor)

I have reason to believe that the judgment debtor has property of a kind listed in AS 09.38.020 that is not exempt. I understand that AS 09.38.020 allows the judgment debtor the following exemptions: a. b. c. d. e. Up to $3,900 worth of household goods, wearing apparel, books, musical instruments, family portraits and heirlooms Up to $1,300 worth of jewelry Up to $3,640 worth of professional books and tools of trade Up to $1,300 for pets Up to $3,900 for one motor vehicle, if the full value of the vehicle does not exceed $26,000.


The following is a description of the property I wish to seize to satisfy the judgment and my reasons for believing the property is not exempt: Reasons Property Is Not Exempt

Description of Property

Page 1 of 2 CIV-535 (10/08)(st.3) CREDITOR'S AFFIDAVIT AND REQUEST

AS 09.38.075 AS 09.38.020 8 AAC 95.030

Case No. Description of Property Reasons Property Not Exempt

REQUEST I request an order by the court notifying the judgment debtor of my claim to levy on the property listed above and of judgment debtor's right to contest my claim by filing a Claim of Exemptions form with the court within 15 days after the court's order is issued. If the judgment debtor fails to respond within the time allowed, the court may then order the judgment debtor to appear and disclose the description, location and value of his or her property. Failure to appear may result in waiver by the judgment debtor of any objection to my levy. I further request that the court order the judgment debtor to refrain from removing, encumbering, damaging or disposing of any of the property listed in my affidavit for 30 days after the debtor receives the court's order.


Signature of Judgment Creditor or Attorney

Printed Name and Title

Subscribed and sworn to or affirmed before me at Alaska, on . (date) (SEAL) Clerk of Court, Notary Public, or other person authorized to administer oaths. My commission expires


Distribution: 1. original to court 2. copy for court (to be sent to debtor as part of "Notice of Intent to Levy" packet) 3. copy to creditor Page 2 of 2 CIV-535 (10/08)(st.3) CREDITOR'S AFFIDAVIT AND REQUEST AS 09.38.075 AS 09.38.020 8 AAC 95.030