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TO and all other tenants in Possession of the premises describes as: Address City County California

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that within three (3) days after service on you of this notice, you must quit and surrender possession of the premises described above to the landlord under which you hold possession of the premises, or your landlord's agent. If you fail to vacate and surrender possession of the premises within the three-day period, legal proceedings will be commenced against you to recover possession of the premises, and to recover a judgment for $600.00 punitive damages for your unlawful detention of the premises, together with costs of suit and attorney fees, if provided for within your lease. You are in violation of the terms of your lease, and said violation is a non- curable breach in that you:

YOU ARE FURTHER NOTIFIED that your conduct is a non-curable breach of your lease and that by this notice your landlord, elects to, and does hereby declare a forfeiture of the lease or rental agreement under which you hold possession of the premises . Dated this day of , 20 Owner/Manager/Agent of Owner or Attorney for Landlord

I. the undersigned, being at least 18 years of age, declare under penalty of perjury that I served the above notice, of which this is a true copy, on the above-mentioned tenant(s) in possession in the manner(s) indicated below: On ,20___ , I handed the notice to the tenants.

On , 20___ . after attempting personal service, I handed the notice to a person of suitable age and discretion at the tenant's residence/business and mailed a copy to tenants residence by first class mail, postage prepaid.. On , 20___ . after attempting service m both manners indicated above, I posted the notice on a conspicuous place at the tenant's residence, and mailed a copy to tenants residence by first class mail, postage prepaid... On ,20__ , I deposited a true copy of the notice in the United States Mail in a sealed envelope with postage fully prepaid, addressed to the tenant at his place of residence. Executed on , at the City of , 20 , County of State of California. Served by

Landlord's Legal Line [email protected] Copyright 1997