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Maricopa County Justice Courts, State of Arizona

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1. Defendant understands the nature of the charges, to-wit: False information, cl 1 Assault, cl 1 2 3 Interference w/ Judicial Proceedings, cl 1 2 Criminal Damage, cl 1 Issuing Bad Check(s), cl 1 Disorderly Conduct, cl 1 Driving on a suspended license, cl 1 Excessive Speed, cl 3 Consume Alcohol in Public, cl 2 Violation of Promise to Appear, cl 2 Fictitious Plate, cl 2 Leaving the Scene of an Accident, cl 3 Minor Driving after Drinking, cl 1

Littering, cl 1 Shoplifting, cl 1 Theft, cl 1 Racing / exhibition of Speed, cl 1 Reckless Driving, cl 2 Minor Possessing or Consuming Alcohol, cl 1

Other without counsel (waiver of counsel form with file). 2. Defendant appeared with counsel plea agreement, and consents to its terms; plea to the court. 3. Defendant has entered into a No Contest. 4. Defendant desires to change the plea in this case from Not Guilty to Guilty or 5. Defendant understands that the range of penalty is: up to $2,500.00 fine plus surcharges, 6 months jail, and/or 3 years probation for a class 1 misdemeanor up to $750.00 fine plus surcharges, 4 months jail, and/or 2 years probation for a class 2 misdemeanor up to $500.00 fine plus surcharges, 30 days in jail, and/or 1 year probation for a class 3 misdemeanor up to $300.00 fine plus surcharges for a petty offense and that if he/she defaults in payment of an ordered fine the court may issue a warrant of arrest to appear and show cause why he/she should not be held in contempt. If the court finds that defendant's default was willful, the court may of the unpaid fine. order the defendant be confined in jail for a period of one day for each $ 6. The court has inquired as to the defendant's probation or parole status. 7. Defendant understands that the following constitutional rights are given up by changing the plea: a. Right to plead not guilty and require the State to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. by jury by a judge. b. Right to a trial c. Right to be represented by an attorney and my right to have an attorney appointed for me if I cannot afford one. d. Right to confront witnesses against the defendant and cross-examine them as to the truthfulness of their testimony. e. Right to present evidence in the defendant's behalf and the right to subpoena witnesses free of charge. f. Right to remain silent and to be presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. g. Right to a direct appeal. 8. Defendant understands that, if he/she is a certified teacher or is teaching in a Community College District or Charter School, a guilty or no contest plea to a Title 13 violation will be reported and may result in consequences affecting your certification to teach or your employment as a teacher. Defendant states: I am not a teacher I am a teacher 9. Defendant understands Rule 17.2f: If you are not a citizen of the United States, pleading guilty or no contest to a crime may affect your immigration status. Admitting guilt may result in deportation even if the charge is later dismissed. Your plea or admission of guilt could result in your deportation or removal, could prevent you from ever being able to get legal status in the United States, or could prevent you from becoming a United States citizen. 10. Defendant wishes to give up these constitutional rights after having been advised of them. 11. Defendant understands that a review of the conviction or sentence may only be made pursuant to Rule 32. 12. There exists a basis in fact for believing the defendant guilty of the offenses charged. 13. Plea is voluntary and not the result of forces, threats, or promises other than those contained in the plea agreement.

I certify that I am an out-of-state resident or that I reside more than 100 miles from the court. I also certify that I have read and understand all of the matters cited above. That I wish to give up my constitutional rights including my right to an attorney and that I wish to plead guilty to the charge(s) noted above. Date Defendant Address ( ) Telephone Number
8150-662.01 CR R:1-02-2007


I CERTIFY that the above named defendant personally appeared before me, and acknowledge that he or she read all of the foregoing information and identified himself or herself to me by presenting (driver's license number and/or picture identification) And that I have affixed a print of the defendant's right index finger to this document.


Officer Name and Badge Number Law Enforcement Agency Address ( ) Telephone Number

I CERTIFY that I have personally advised the defendant telephonically: 1 . Of the nature of the charges against him or her. 2. Advised the defendant of all constitutional rights which defendant waived by pleading guilty. 3. Ascertained that the defendant wishes to give up the constitutional rights of which he or she has been advised. 4. Inquired as to the defendant's probation or parole status. The court finds a basis in fact for believing the defendant is guilty of the offenses charged and, that the defendant's plea of guilty is voluntary and not the result of force, threats or promises other than those contained in a plea agreement. On the basis of these findings, I conclude that the defendant knowingly, voluntarily and intelligently pleads guilty to the above charges, and I accept his or her plea. Date: Justice of the Peace

8150-662.02 CR R:1-02-2007