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In an effort to better serve the citizens of Cook County, the Clerk of the Circuit Court is considering establishing Passport Photo/Processing Services at this location. Please circle the appropriate choice for each of the questions below. Space for additional comments on how we may better suit your needs has been provided on the back of this card. 1. Do you know where the nearest passport photo service is to your residence? A. Don't know B. Close by C. Far away

2. Would it be more convenient for you to take passport photos and have your passport processed at this location? A. Yes B. No

3. In your opinion, would it enhance the services in the Clerk's Office to provide passport processing services at this location? A. Yes
999.032 A (6/23/04)

B. No

4. Do you have any additional comments or suggestions regarding the proposed Passport Photo Processing Service?

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999.032 B (6/23/04)