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Date: February 10, 2006
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Exempt From VRA Certif.




Defendant. DOB Offense(s) Charged We, (name of defendant)

as principal, and

, (name of surety) , as sureties do jointly and severally acknowledge that we for the following:

(name of surety) and our personal representatives are bound to pay to the State of Alaska $

Appearance Bond in the amount of $ . The condition of this bond is that the defendant will appear for all court hearings, including sentencing and post-conviction hearings. Performance Bond (non-corporate) in the amount of $ . The condition of this bond is that the defendant complies with the conditions of release set by the court. We understand that: 1. The bonds continue until the court exonerates (cancels) them. 2. If the defendant complies with the above conditions, the bonds will be exonerated. 3. If the defendant fails to comply with the above conditions, the court may enter a judgment against the defendant and the sureties for the amount of the bonds, plus costs and interest. A writ of execution may be issued against our property to satisfy the judgment. We submit ourselves to the jurisdiction of the court and irrevocably appoint the clerk of court as the agent upon whom papers affecting liability on this bond may be served. [Civil Rule 80(f)] The clerk will attempt to notify us, but it is our responsibility to keep the clerk notified of our current addresses. Date Mailing Address Home Phone Date Work Phone Surety* City Defendant's Signature State Place of Employment ZIP

Date Surety* * "Surety Agreement and Affidavit" must be attached. ACKNOWLEDGMENT On , 20 , the defendant and the sureties named above personally appeared before me in , Alaska and acknowledged to me that they signed the above agreement freely and voluntarily for the purposes stated therein. (SEAL) Clerk of Court, Notary Public or other person authorized to administer oaths My commission expires:
Page 1 of 2 CR-240 (2/06) (st.4) SURETY BOND AS 12.30.010 -.080 Civil R. 80, Crim. R. 41

SURETY BOND, Page 2 of 2 Defendant's Name_ Case No. SURETY AGREEMENT AND AFFIDAVIT I, 1. 2. , being duly sworn, state that: I am a resident of Alaska. I am worth the amount of the bond specified above, $ exempt from execution, and exceeding all my just debts and liabilities. a. My assets, any outstanding liens and exemptions are as follows: Value Cash Auto/Truck Business Stocks/Bonds Real Property TOTAL b. I understand my right to exemptions from execution under AS 9.38 and have determined that I am entitled to no exemptions other than those listed in the third column above. [See Judgment Debtor's Booklet (CIV-511) for description of exemptions.] I have the following outstanding judgments, lawsuits and other possible claims pending against me or any partnership or unincorporated association of which I am a member: I agree not to sell, mortgage, encumber, or in any manner whatsoever, convey my interest in the property listed above without written permission of the Court. Outstanding Liens Applicable Exemptions from AS 9.38 , exclusive of property


d. 3.

I am not an attorney at law, peace officer, clerk of any court, or other officer of any court.

I understand that if the defendant in this case fails to comply with the conditions of the bond set forth above, the court may order the bond due immediately and enter a judgment against me as surety for the amount of the bond plus costs and interest as allowed by law. Surety Signature Date of Birth Daytime Phone Type or Print Name Mailing Address State ZIP

Social Security Number City (It is not mandatory that you provide this number. The number may be used to collect the bond.) Subscribed and sworn to or affirmed before me at on , 20 . (SEAL)

, Alaska

Notary Public/Judge/Clerk of Court My commission expires: I have examined the foregoing surety bond and recommend it for approval as provided in Civil Rule 80. Date The foregoing surety bond is approved. Date
Page 2 of 2 CR-240 (2/06) (st.4) SURETY BOND

Defense Attorney

District Attorney


AS 12.30.010 -.080 Civil R. 80, Crim. R. 41