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Date: December 18, 2003
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Cause No. _____________________ ______________________________________ Plaintiff ______________________________________ Defendant IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS


This form must be completed and filed with every original petition, and a copy attached to every original petition served. The information should be the best available at the time of filing, understanding that such information may change before trial. This information does not constitute a discovery request, response, or supplementation, and is not admissible at trial. Service must be obtained promptly. Notice is hereby given that, per Harris County Local Rule 3.6, any case in which no answer has been filed or default judgment signed FOUR (4) MONTHS from filing will be eligible for DISMISSAL FOR WANT OF PROSECUTION.

Type of action:


Personal Injury



Check all claims pled:
Account due Admiralty Assault Asbestosis Auto Bill of review Conspiracy Contract Deed restriction Declaratory judgment Defamation Disbarment Discrimination Dram shop DTPA Employment discharge Expunction False imprisonment Foreclosure Forfeiture Fraud Garnishment Injunction/TRO Insurance bad faith Malicious prosecution Malpractice/Legal Malpractice/Medical Name change Note Premises liability: Products liability Post judgment Railroad Real estate Securities fraud Sequestration Silicone implant Tortious interference Trespass Workers compensation

Other _________________________________________________________ Has this dispute previously been in the Harris County courts? Monetary damages sought less than $50,000 0-3 months 1-2days No Yes, in the following court: ____ greater than $100,000 7-12 months 6-10 days >1 year > 10 days

50,001 - $100,000 4-6 months 3-5 days

Estimated time needed for discovery Estimated time needed for trial:

Are you going to request Level 3 status? Yes No If yes, please state your estimate for total hours of deposition per side: ___________ and the number of interrogatories needed for each party to serve on any other party: ____________. Name of party filing this cover sheet: Signature of attorney or pro se filing cover sheet: _______________________________________________________ Name printed: __________________________________________ Phone No: ______________________________________ Bar No: _____________________ FOR COURT USE ONLY: Track assigned Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Date: ___________________________

Court Coordinator____________________________________