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The Child Support Services Division (CSSD) is the state agency responsible for enforcing child support orders. In order for CSSD to enforce a support order, a parent must apply for CSSD services. Or, if the custodial parent is receiving public assistance, or the child is in state custody, CSSD will open a case automatically. CSSD can establish administrative support orders, and modify existing orders when there is a change in the income of the paying parent. Child support is usually paid through wage withholding. CSSD will notify the paying parent's employer of the amount of the child support order, and the employer will send the money each month to CSSD. CSSD will in turn forward the money to the custodial parent. Child support payments will not be collected through wage withholding if the paying parent is selfemployed, or if the court finds that there is good cause not to require it. How does a parent apply for CSSD services? You must complete an application, which you can obtain from any CSSD office, at the court, or at CSSD addresses and contact information can be found on page 2 of this form. Your application should provide as much information as possible about the other parent, and must include an affidavit of payments already made or received. Be sure to attach your current custody order or support order, and any previous orders you may have in the case. How does CSSD enforce child support orders? To collect support payments, CSSD will notify the paying parent's employer to withhold child support from the parent's wages and to send the money to the Child Support Division for distribution to the custodial parent or to repay the state for public assistance benefits paid on behalf of the child. CSSD can also issue orders to 'withhold and deliver' other assets, including commissions, retirement checks, bank accounts, Alaska Permanent Fund Dividends, Native Corporation Dividends, IRS tax refunds, stock dividends, and income-producing property. CSSD can file liens against the paying parent's property, and revoke state occupational and driver's licenses if child support payments are not made. CSSD can take the parent to court for failure to pay child support. CSSD charges interest on late payments. How long does it take for the custodial parent to receive support payments made to CSSD? CSSD will mail the payment to the custodial parent, or deposit it directly to the parent's bank account, within two business days. How does a parent sign up for direct deposit? Ask for the "Request for Direct Deposit Form" from any CSSD office, or at Direct deposit allows CSSD to electronically deposit child support payments into your bank account. It's automatic, paperless, and saves time.

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How can I find out about the payment status of my case? You can check on the status of your child support payments by calling the KIDSLINE phone number, 269-6900 in Anchorage, or 1-800-478-3300 outside of Anchorage. Or, you can click on KIDS Online at You will need to have your member ID number, which CSSD sends in the introductory letter to custodial parents, and on the monthly statement sent to non-custodial parents. Can CSSD also collect spousal support? Yes, in cases where both child support and spousal support have been ordered, CSSD will collect and enforce both types of support obligations. But CSSD cannot collect and enforce spousal support alone. CSSD cannot establish orders for spousal support; this must be done through the courts. What if either parent moves out of state? CSSD can continue to collect payments and can coordinate enforcement of the support order with the child support agency in the other state. What other services does CSSD provide? If there is no court order, CSSD will administratively establish a support order. CSSD will do genetic testing where paternity is at issue. CSSD will locate absent parents. CSSD will enforce health care coverage for children if it's available to the paying parent through employment or union membership. CSSD will review the amount of the support order, at the request of either parent, to see if it needs to be increased or decreased. If the order is an administrative order (CSSD established it), CSSD will make the necessary changes. If the order is a court order, CSSD will recommend the changes to the court. This information was provided by the Alaska Child Support Services Division. For more information, contact CSSD.
MAIN OFFICE 550 W 7th Ave Ste 310 Anchorage AK 99501-6699 (907) 269-6900 or TDD (907) 269-6894 Toll free from the rest of Alaska: (800) 478-3300 or TDD (800) 370-6894 FAX: (907) 269-6650 FAIRBANKS 675 7th Ave Ste J2 Fairbanks AK 99701-4531 (907) 451-2830 FAX: (907) 451-3140 SOUTHEAST 333 Willoughby Ave., 11th Floor Juneau AK 99811-0402 (907) 465-5887 FAX: (907) 465-5190

MAT-SU 845 W Commercial Dr Wasilla AK 99654-6937 (907) 357-3550 FAX: (907) 357-3552

ONLINE: This Internet web site includes updates on your child support payment status, a child support calculator, general CSSD information, and the email and fax numbers for Alaska child support employees. Page 2 of 2 DR-316 (6/06) (cc-bb)