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You can now pay online using VISA or MasterCard. Visit and click on the credit card payment link. To make a payment on case(s)/citation(s) using your VISA or MasterCard credit card

Purpose of Form:

Accompanying Documents/Information: Payment Required:

None There are no additional fees for making a payment using your credit card. To make a payment by credit card, you may do one of the following: (1) Mail the form to: Milwaukee Municipal Court 951 North James Lovell Street Milwaukee, WI 53233-1449

How to File the Form:

(2) (3)

Send the form by fax to (414) 286-0724. Call the Milwaukee Municipal Court at (414) 286-2878 and be ready to provide the information requested on the form.

This form may also assist you should you choose to make a credit card payment in person. Deadline for Completion: Check the due date on your judgment (fine). All fines must be paid on time so that the alternative of license suspension or time in jail will not be carried out.

Milwaukee Municipal Court CREDIT CARD PAYMENT BY MAIL, FAX OR TELEPHONE 951 North James Lovell Street, Milwaukee, WI 53233 Fax: 286-0724 Telephone: 286-2878 Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Pay Online:

Name (please print): Last Address: Street Apt. No. First M.I.

City I authorize payment for the following: Case/Citation Number(s):


ZIP Code

Judgment Amount: $ $ $

TOTAL PAYMENT: Credit Card Number


9 VISA 9 MasterCard
Expiration Date: Signature: Comments: / Month Year

Notice: Keep a copy for your own records. FOR COURT USE ONLY: Received by: Comments:


MC-714 5/2005