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Rev. 1/07

Utah State Tax Commission

TC-61DF Sales Tax Refund Booklet for Donated Food

General Information
Effective January 1, 1998, a qualified emergency food agency may claim a sales tax refund on the pounds of food donated to the agency. Qualified emergency food agencies are issued 12 refund coupons per year for use in that year. While the agencies may apply for a refund of Utah sales tax as often as on a monthly basis, they are not required to file for refunds on a monthly basis. Any coupons not used during the year for which they were issued should be discarded. Do not attach supporting documentation to the refund coupon. Records supporting the refund claim must be kept by the agency for three years following the date of refund. Refund requests should be returned to the Tax Commission by the tenth day of the month for taxes accumulated through the previous month in order to ensure a timely refund. If the preprinted information on the coupon is incorrect, please make changes on the change form in the back of the coupon booklet. Please only use the original coupon, and not copies, for filing purposes.

Instructions for TC-61DF Line 1 Line 2 Line 3

Rev. 1/07

Enter total pounds of food eligible for refund for the refund period. Multiply line 1 by 2.14 ($2.14), and enter the result. Multiply line 2 by .0575 (5.75%) and enter the result. This is the amount of your refund.

Mail the coupon to the Tax Commission using the address printed on the coupon. If you have any questions, contact the Tax Commission at (801) 297-2200 or toll free at 1-800-662-4335. If you need an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act, contact the Tax Commission at (801) 297-3811 or TDD 297-2020. Please allow three working days for a response.

Rev. 1/07

1. Pounds of food eligible for refund
Start below this line. Enter your acct. number & filing period.

Utah Donated Food Sales Tax Refund­ TC-61DF
Account Number Tax Period

2. Multiply line 1 by 2.14 ($2.14) 3. Multiply line 2 by .0575 (5.75%) This is your refund amount.
I declare under penalty of perjury that to the best of my knowledge and belief this information is correct and complete.

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