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Case 1:05-cv—00059jJHFi Document 24-3 Filed 04/26/2005 Page 1 of 1
Deposition or Trial Testimony in the Past Four Years
l. Fuller Austin Insulation Co. ·v. Firernarfs Fund Insurance Comp any, et. al.
~ Superior Court, Los Angeles, BC 11683.5 (deposition and trial testimony) (2003)
2. In re; toy of National Gyp sum
V U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Dallas (deposition and trial testimony) (2000)
3. In re: Pl1en—Fen Diet Drugs Products Liability Litigation
(E.D. Pa.) (deposition and trial testimony)
4. Lippe v. Bairnco Corp. et. al.
(S.D.N.Y.) (deposition only)
5. Grace Asbestos Creditors Committee et. al. v. Sealed Air Corp. et al.
(D. Del.) (deposition only) (2002)
-6. Western MacArthur, et. al_,Av. General Accident ;Ins._Co., _et._eal.
(State Court, Alameda County, California) (deposition and trial testimony) (2002)
7. B&W Asbestos Creditors Committee, et, al., _v.V VBWICO, et. al.
(Bankr. E.D. La.) (deposition and trial testimony) (2001) A
8. In re Western,MacArthur (Bankruptcy Court Oakland California - deposition and
trial) (2003)
9. Armstrong V. CCR (Bnkr. De1.)(deposition) (2003)
10. In re Armstrong World Industries (Bnkr. Del.)(coniirmation hearing) (2003)
11. Inre Babcock & Wilcox Company (Bnkr. E.D. La.)(deposition and trial) (2003)
l2. In re Oglebay Norton (Bnkr. Del.)(trial - October .2004)
-Dated: October, 2004