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Education: Haverford College, Bachelor or Arts, 1982.
Temple University School of Medicine,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1987
Training: Residency: .
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, 1988~·91
- ‘ Clinical Instructor, University of Pennsylvania
‘ School of Medicine, 1988-92
Certitication: American Academy of Physical Medicine &
Rehabilitation, 1992
Private Practice: Wihnington, Delaware
Physical Medicine 82: Rehabilitation,
Electromyography: 1991-present
Affiliations: Medical Center of Delaware
St. Francis Hospital {Wilmington)
St. Agnes Hospital (Philadelphia)
Societies: American Medical Association
_ Medical--·Society of Delaware
New Castle Medica?. Association .
American Academy of Physical Medicine Ez Rehabiiilation
y Occupational
Health: Ad1:niJ1istrative Director, Iudustricare
, St. Agnes Hospital, Philadelphia, 1994-praent
i 1 _ City of Hniladelphia, Medical Advisory Board, 199.993
Community &
Health Related
Organizations; Visiting Nurses Association of Delaware
Medical Advisory Board, 1992-present
Awards: 1987 Moss Rehabilitation Hospital Class Prize