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Date: December 31, 1969
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Author: unknown
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illinitztl ét 1‘ E E 'St ' t Qlluurzt "
Asa Moen; -
TO; Claims Records Department ·— Harleysville Insurance Company
c/o Delaware Department of Insurance
841 Silver Lake Blvd.
Dover DE l990l _ _ _ _
[3 YOU ARE COMMANDED to appear tn the Unitecl States DistrtclC0ur1 at the place, date, and tame speclhed below to
testily in the above case.



Q YOU ARE COMMANDED to appear at the place. date. anc trme specrtrec DQIOW IO testrly at the takmg ol a deposition
in the above case.

PL}C€ OF DEPO$rl•0~ `OAYE ARD hui

Q YOU ARE COMMANDED to produce ano permrt rnspecrron apc COOv•¤Q ol tne tollowmg oocuments or objects at the
place cate, and tlrne zpecltreo c-elow that OOCUTTTGFKS or oorectsf
Deponent Harleysville Insurance Company is to produce a copy of any claims records
concerning Claim No. MC—1o2323.

P“"°€ Tybout, Redfearn 6, Pell ;CM€I_;N°“;; 2005
300 Delaware Avenue, Suite 1100 2°?§O '
rriimlnqron pe 19801 · P·‘“·

D YOU ARE COMMANDED to perrnrl rnspeclron ol ine tollowrnq premrses at the cate and (tmc specnlled below.

Pnznlsis IOAYE A~0 rmt

Any organrzazron not a pany to rms sun mar lE»$uDOO€fmeQ10•t¤r3 r;~·nc ol a oeposmon Snall oeslgnale 0¤c 0* *1*0*
otlrcers, G||'€CiOYS_ or manaomq aoents. or orner persons warn consent ro zesrrw on rr; penall, anu rnav sel lorlh. wl €8€
person oesrg ··eo_ me marler:. on wnrrtn me person v,.rr rezrnv Peoerar Rules Ol Cltll Proceourc, 30 4$$UtN(; QFF?[¤ hZL{ ,rw;)r;';I( ni ¢.ZYO|`¤t:[¥ ¢·`·| f’tA•nItFK t)G Q§_&(•,U;~Y1 r():..I[
l _________ _______
li.$u· `.G>' ~Z€FS·. .·;rcr·_; l·.r,•·»·· M ·.. .-.··. . *_`
Davi (Lf/ulley, Esquire — Tybout , Redfearn 5. Pell
P. O. Bo 2092
+&i—l jot _ _ ..,.. .’6EB=+&9c·t···i:..‘—‘_‘. .. —‘·—"“"‘“""°"" `

AQ wtlllry lltvll Suopor l- ·· ., t;...t T ,.»
- t—12-··c""""’-"‘ "" l
Ftled 04/29/2005 Page 2 of 2
°‘" April 27, 2005 ”*“·Delaware Department of Insurance
(2:18 p_M_) 841 S1lver Lake Boulevard
SERVED Dover. Delaware 19901
sggygpgu {Html NAME) ualuneit OF $£RvtC[
bv delivering a copy thereof to a rson of
R. Larkin for the Delaware Insurance Suitable a E 0 d- t- h pe .
Canmissionef Q aft 1SCI'€ 1OTl 1: GTI €!flp10]/Gd 'C`h€I'€1I’I
(on behalf of Harleysville Insurance Company)
Jeffrey L• Butler P [OCESS SEI-Vel-
I declare under penalty ol oerturv under the laws ol the Unltec States ol Amenca that the loregotng IDIOFTTTBIIOH con-
tained in the Proot ol S€NlC€ IS true and correct _
` I lp; / / {7 , 4
Execuied on Aprll 27 , 2005 _ / / /-—»~ » 2·
DATE $»C,nAlu¤ 5 ·
legal g es Inc.
P.O. Box 886
Qponzss or scnvzn
bew Castle, Delaware 19720-0886
(302) 322-9897
Rule 45, Federal Rules ol Civil Procedure, Pans C 5 D.
tc) PROTECTION OF PERSONS SUBJECT TO SUBPOENAS son except Ih3I_ suptecl IO the OfOV|Sl0|’)$ ol clausetcl(3lIBll·t•l0l
tm; rut; gucrt g pgggon fT\3y ID Order IO ZXIEDG [N3] DE COl'TTl’l’l3l’lGEd
¤l 3 £l)¤¤¤¢A oitgyshalm Tl`aTe(:·emeYasona¤ms?::ie?:t:;Dyo¤' me to travel lrom any sucn place Wllhth me state ID muon the tnal ts
SH tlc EH! T I held_or
wasstlssueuigzzl ;:,°fceI'$r:u$$f:`°°'y'r$;;|e (lll) 7€QulfE$ Ot$CIO$ul’8 ol DHVIIEQBO Of O\h€f DIOIBCKEG l’T\3\·
UDOG The DJTTY Of attorney tn bl’EaCh ol lhls uutv an appropriate 53n¢~ mr arm °° °‘c°°'°°n °' "awm aDOhe$· Or
Itoh, whlch may IDCUUGQ, but IS l’•0\ llmlte-ct to_ lost ggrntnqs we a ma, (lvl Su¤teCls a person KO undue ourcen
sonable II\0fh€Y°S lee. *8* " ° ‘°°°°""
(QNA) A person qgrnrndlded to produce and penn.: tnspechon and (ll *¢¤¤lt¢S UISCIOSUYE ol a trade secret or other conhdentlal
cppymg ol deslghaled DOORS. p3OEr$, oocuments or tanglple |nmg;_ gg '€$¢3'€"’- U€*!l0D•’l't€rll, or commerctal Ih'O|'f\’\3\lO|Y\_ or 2
ns tron ol premises need not appear tn person at me DUKE ol pro I") "°“"" °'$°’°$°'° °' "' ""'°‘°"‘°° °" °°“ s°°'“’°" °' '"‘
° vga or In hon unless ahccd to zope), ml ceoosmon heah tormatlon not uescnpmg spectllc events or occurl‘BrlC€S lrl U|$DUl€
in or mal ° and resulllrlg Irom the experts study mace not at the request ol
9 ‘ _ any pany, or
(Bl Suzgl l¤ QUP9¤9';_(d)UaZ‘g‘ l¤¤$ NW- F °°'T:"‘ nl.) requues a person wno IS not a pany or an olllcer ol a party
to produce permtl •¤S¤¢¢ •¤¤ ¢¤l>N•9 - "‘ "" °' to mcur supstamtst expense to travel more than 100 rtllles l0 3l-
servije ol the suppoenilor belot;e the tlme s0e¤l¥l¤¤ lor §0m¤*W"¢¢ LY qenq may the coun may to protect a person subtecl I0 OY 3llcC\¢d
such nmeislessman oaysaterserv•ce,seryeupont epartyora- mod 1,, Umv-
\¤¤•¢Y ¤¢$¤9t’¤¤ed in \f•¢ $¤¤¤9•¤3 *¤ll¢¤ ¢>¤t°°*•°" '° '”$°°°*'°"‘ °' 3:;; §::po`e?w; rs lssfgr;: ;l?¤‘;`a)·l:taT need 1;
; §"Y °‘ *:::*9:: °°*'9:*g';;”“"'“'::;:;’:“f;?;”;':f?kg me testlmony or matenal that cannot oe O(h2fW|$¢ met WIUTDUI un
_ ¢. Y $¤¤¤°° ’ o nan-gsn no mat tn t no the s opoena
to mspect ana copy me materials or inspect Inc vremlses ¤¤G¢¤l DW- ;suLgyes$g;?:•Il cgrggeanzglsdinencoun ngav order
:2;::.:*;;* °'°°' °' ""°;:°" °Y "'°’°:;::e’:l§°°°°":a"” '”:;?2:'°‘; appearance or productron only upon specllled condltlons.
to the person commanded to produce. move at any ume lor an order (dt DUTIES IN RESPONDING TO SUBPOENA.
to compel the productlon Such in 0f¤ct l¤ ¢¤•’“¤¢* ¤*¤°¤¤*•°° $**6** D"? (1) A person responumg to a suopoena to produce documents SMH
t:e;:\arly person who ts not a pany or an olllcel ¤| 3 ¤3¤Y l¤>·’¤ $•9¤•*•· produce mem 33 they are ltept lh tne usual course ol buslrless 0** Sha"
expense resultlng lrum tht tl'lS¤¢Cll0•’• 300 ¢¤¤Yl¤9 ¤¤•’”m$"’°¢d· mgamzz ang |3j{\hQ|1'|[Q correspond mth the C3l€Q0d€$ in the ¤¢¤’¤’*d·
`Gl (:;hO1'l|lfI'le|y mollcfl. thi! by *¤•C¤ 3 S¤¤¤¤¢¤3 *15 l$$¤¢¤ (2) when tntommton subject to a sunpoena is withheld on a claim
°" °' "’°°"" "'° "’°°°°"' " " twat lt as pnytleqeo or suptect to protecuon as tnat oreparallon malenals,
tails to allow reasonable trme lor compnance; me ctarm shall pe mane expressly and shall DG SUDDOUEO by a OESCNV
(ll) rtclulres a person who is not a party or an ollicer ol a party tton ol the nature ot the documents, commumcatlons. Of lnmgs DOI pro
to travel to a prac: mom than 1(Dmnestrorn tho OCX! when that tluced that ns sullicnent to enable the demandmg party to contest the
¤¢¤¤¤res•oes.tsemp•¤y¤¤¤r•eguarry•r-arlsacls¤•.¤s»r¤esslr•pe- ;s
`I. r r arm.