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Date: July 11, 2006
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State: Delaware
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Author: unknown
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,Cas 1:05-cv—00037—SLR Document 76 Filed 07/11/2006 Page1 013
In l.Jm+e.cF S+¤_+es D¤$+¢—»eJf e¤0r+ 0+ Deldwdere
Harry l..S¤1.m0el I
P}dim+»l`¥. C./\.N0.05—037»S`LR
Thmmaj [enroll . E1: dl
end ' ED
F+rS+ £0rre.L+le;»Ma.l Medhia./. JUL q 12006
C;>rree+»0r\.c;L/ /\/ledleael 9 c nn,)
D *3 lj Q "d“‘+$ d ¤%·%%$ é%E%E§E r
Plc1.'m+1'++ lQeSPOnSe +0 De¥e.·»d¤L.·¤+ Flr;-+ (Q.0rreC.+l0m.xl Medial
ReSPOr1S/*1 +0 P|c;La`r1+f¥Y M0-H0rx Fer De¥0.L»L|+ ]`1.;d3emen`l' D.I.`/5
Pl¤\+{l:F S0.rf\uLEl. req_ueS‘l’S +lw.c<.1' b<3.+e.¤dc.u»+ IL/10++10ru +0 deny
P\cL'nrx+'[P+E be£cL0l—l- M¤+`u0n $0r DeYd0l+ 3-¤.adqemem‘l’ lnedemlecl
Pl0.1p+Al;+ QSK D}5—.Lr'»;+ (.4mr+ +0 §}rcm+ P!c..m41+`+`De+:m.L¢l+—
M0+10rx and be;d.ul+ ]”u.dcjemen+.
I. The Cllenl {,00.5 OY +h`nS m.d.++er md C0mxSel wes 0.u/6Lre
O? +h`»$ mcL++er Om &—10—2.00£»
9.. From ++»¤_+ P0{m+ Forward ·+|¤€, dcJel Pl<;L{rl+{l;+ 5lxdl| re+urrx Serviie {I0? FCM D.]; 35 M50 E2<£+
Servnee +70r FCM dm;Ke+ erx+ry D. 1.40.
3.The D i5+ri;+ C00rl” hed Ordered an Order Yer +l\e be¥e¤dm»+I5J
+0 re5P0nd.The be-V.¤;¤dc.m+ did m0+ resP0nd +i»».».el1 in +|¤e Jrime
Zl·l)lCL·11"»JF+lt+Plxc;.\/<.¥; legal €v`1el€F`mC€ 0+ Servkce 0m 3-/O- 06
Signed and Dc:¤.+ed by l.1.S.Mc1.rSh0.l0rDePu1’Y-Th0e+ FCM
l'1C3L£l l]C€.O S€f'V(id. See. FOFYY`] L! SM 285 +`0f" FCM.
5. Om March IO. 2006 +}we De+e;mddm+.s‘ wg.; Serviced (lad
in CLddi+i.>¤ +he bi$+r£»;+ L0.·.Lr`l'0rdere.d +hebe+e<·»d0.w~.+
+0 re.$‘P0rxd t>V Mdreh A. 2006.
é>.Thez DeYe¤dn.m‘I‘£5> wes dwdre OS? Hwa. Cm.;r+ Order +0 remwd
'I“heDe|2end0.n‘+ was Szormqlld Served O0 '3~IO—0g5 cmd
The De+?erxdc1m1' clfd {10+ em+er· g_PDgQ_rC;m;gU¤—L;/ 77f

_ Case1:05-cv—00037—SLR Document 76 Filed 07/11/2006 Page20f3
dc1.\,/S 0.1;+aF 1.1 S M 235 Sé;rv{(.¢.€i. Om 3—/O—— O6.
PIcLin1”{¥¥ S¤.mr.JL€.1, re$Pc;+¥u|lV Q.$I< +h¤.—|— +h¢2
Dis+r[c.+ <;4;uF+ ‘EIFc:Lm‘1‘ P_}c1.`m+{1C¥ D<;1;¤.a,1\+ A»10+I¢>m
and D&¥¢;Lu.|+ Tu<;{¢j£rm#;m1i
[)q,1‘ 7§>/w,£2

Case 1 :05-cv-00037-SLR Document 76 Filed 07/1 1/2006 Page 3 of 3
I Certificate of Service
I, C2 C [ ¥ ,3 Q mg l Q { , hereby certify that I have served a true
and correct cop(ies) ofthe attached; P li 6; { Q jj I`; gt; g py; gg j;—Q‘ { Q M rg_;·fgm.,5C
1;;* [Q mi O ;l;f& M g·b'£m EO rt by jk H Tudtrgamglgn upon the following
parties/person (S): 'O P P gjlmg C 0 t_1mjg_[
TO: I) 411;;; Sgt-{ng M C-3 ; ,- TOS O Phe li Q M 5`Algi gr;
(ZM;. @.4 IL QQ t<> h & MC lien 1;/ EA Qnipggjgi y` Ail_;Or me}; (vt’nc·'<,cl
· l A '_ ,'_ l I 5;fL(/Ltfd p$ D•2.lcewO.F€ _
‘ QL Lib [lg. [gpo S+rt;;;‘[, 5},.f; NOG \a;>c ~jIjmg.g+ gg `letgn IILQ
I O. Box 36/Z A ZZO North Irengh 5+13;]* g,.+},fp;OOr
Lt/i/¤;f;l8IQ g . DE. [ H j cli -039/ UL lmiggfon jlyelg nit; 5 e ICI Z0}
, (FCM} I L`»~/r~rder.,.e+ al)
TO: lg ey ri rg I Com nor *5 TOr
(NIC; F 3% _ CO/_g NQ QQ Vg Qgjé/J2/~i’ I
/2 2 O /l/ar Hi Ma¢l {rh /C/. /9,0,gOX gggg , 1
Wil00·’i¤gg·/’0·¤,DE./‘I$"/‘/· KXXK .
(C M5;) _
BY PLACING SAME IN A SEALED ENVELOPE and depositing same in the United
- States Mail at the Delaware Correctional Center, l l8l Paddock Road, Srnyma. DE
19977. _ `
On this éth tiayor I}, , gg; . 2006 , l