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Date: November 7, 2005
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Case 1:04-cv—01560-JFC Document 72-2 Filed 11/07/2005 Page 1 of1
I, Curtis S. Miller, certify that I ara not less than l3 years of age, and that service
of the foregoing The Statutory Committee Of Equity Security Holders’ Joinder To The
I)ebtors’ Disclosure Of Witnesses/Individuals With Knowledge, was caused to be made on
November 7, 2005, in the manner indicated upon the parties identified on the attached service list
and in accordance with the Order Establishing Case Management And Scheduling Procedures
For All Matters In The Above Captioned Bankruptcy Cases Which The Reference Has Been
Withdrawn From The United States Bankruptcy Court For The D1”strict_,Qfl[)elaware To The
United States District Court For The District Qfpglawayay Y U __ .--- nl _;_, ,
4 ‘__. » =_p { ',i· __,=
r... i - · ___- A
Bate: November 7, 2005 T'}. p, .--‘ = ,-=, .
, ,-»‘ f ’_C¤iiis S,¢Mille_rF(Ne’i 45y33)