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Case 1:04-cv-01494-JJF Document 99-16 Filed 12/15/2006 Page1 of 3
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r Case 1:04-cv-01494-JJF Document 99-16 Filed 12/15/2006 Page 2 of 3
Currns, MAi.i.eit~Pr2t;voer, Cour 6. Moshe Lice
Frunkeunr Muscat I O i PARK AVENUE
leoosrosi Pants New YORK, New Yom: l Ol 78-005 l Taceeuone 2 l 2695-SOOO
Lowoon Sramsono FACSIMXLE 2 l 2-697- l 559
Mexico Curr Wasmtrccrorv, D.C. E'i"iAiL iwF¤@<:M—s>.coM
i*‘ilLAN tnrennar www.cM·>¢=.ccM
Wiairar-vs Dmecr;
TEL.: 2 i 2-€>95·t’5 r 96
November 27, 2006
Bonnie Steingait, Esq.
liried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP
One New York Plaza
New York, NY l0004·l 980
Re: Magzen Asset .Ma1zrzgeme11t Corp. and Law
De/venture Yirust C`0. v. /\/'orz/zWéstern Corp.;
C.A. No. 04—l494·Ql.lF
Dear Bonnie;
Further to our telephone conference of last week, I can contirrn to you the
following, on behalf of defendant NorthWestem Corporation.
We agree to attempt to reach agreement on a stipulation ofthe value of the assets
transferred and the consideration paid in connection with the goingdlat transaction, and to the
linancial condition of Clark Fork after that transaction occurred. However, we believe that any
calculation ofthe value of the consideration must take into account any and all suppon
agreements entered into between NorthWestern and Clark Fork in connection with the transfer.
including undertakings by NorthWestcrn to continue to underwrite certain expenses and
obligations in connection with the Milltown Dam.
You have agreed that this stipulation would satisfy Requests Nos. 3, 4, l6— l 8
and 20.
NorthWestern will withdraw its specific objection to Magten’s Document
Requests Nos. 29 and 30. However our general objections, including the objection to a cut—off i
on the time period, remain. NorthWestern will also agree to withdraw its specific objection to l
Mag,ten’s Document Request No, l2. Again, however, our general objections remain.
ln response to your request, we agree that the production by Northwestern will
include documents from the tiles ofits subsidiary, Clark Pork.

Case 1 :04-cv-01494-JJF Document 99-16 Filed 12/15/2006 Page 3 of 3
CLJRWS, MAl.LET·F°RE\/OST. COLT 5- MOSLE LLP Bonnie Steiugaldh
“’°""”"5 *""·‘ °°°"“*“‘“ “ W Page 2 November 28. 2006
On behalf of the plaintiffs, you have agreed to provide defendants with copies of
any communication you send to non—parties regarding requests for documents or intcrmation in
connection with these matters.
You have also agreed that document production by Noi’thWestem will be deemed
to be production hy Hanson and Kindt as long as we indicate which documents come trom the
tiles of and are responsive to the discovery directed to Hanson and Kindt.
Finally, we have not yet received your list of the ten individuals you plan on
deposing. in this matter. Please advise.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Yours truly,
»iee· r’7j¥¥’C»;"/` if .
’ti' W
, riie ’ /· ··tt’ *·’
joseph D. l?,;i»izurro
..2/ ’ `i
cc; Gary L. Kaplan. Esq.
John W. Brewer, Esq.
Bijan Amini. Esq.
Jesse H. Austin. lll, Esq.
Victoria W. Counihan, Esq.
Karol K. Denniston, Esq.
Dennis E. Glazer, Esq.
David A. Jenkins, Esq.
Paul Spagnoletti, Esq.
Denise Seastone Kraft, Esq.
Adam G. Landis, Esq.
Dennis A. Meloro, Esq.
Curtis S. Miller, Esq. Q
Kathleen M. Miller, Esq.
John V. Snellings, Esq.
Dale R. Dube, Esq.
Stanley T. Kaleczyc, Esq.
Kimberly A. Beatty, Esq. i
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