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INFORMATION FOR RESPONDENTS REGARDING ORDERS FOR PROTECTION If you are served with these papers, someone is seeking an order for protection against you. A. An Order for Protection (OFP) may be brought by (Minn. Stat. 518B.01, subd. 4(a)): a family or household member on their own behalf; a family or household member, a guardian, or a reputable adult age 25 or older on behalf of a minor, or by a minor age 16 or older against a spouse, former spouse, or person with whom the minor has a child, if allowed by the court. B. . Definitions: (Minn. Stat. 518B.01, subd. 2) Domestic Abuse is defined as any of the following conduct between family or household members: a. Actual physical harm, bodily injury, assault (such as hitting, kicking, slapping, pushing, stabbing), or fear of imminent physical harm, bodily injury or assault (such as verbal threats, threatening gestures); or b. Terroristic threats (such as a threat to commit a crime of violence, bomb threats, or threatening someone when holding a gun); or c. Criminal sexual conduct (such as forced sex or forced sexual contact with an adult or any form of sexual contact with a child); or d. Interference with an emergency call (intentionally interrupts, disrupts, impedes or interferes with an emergency call or intentionally prevents or hinders another from placing an emergency call.) 2. Family or household members are defined as: (a) Married persons; (b) Persons who were married but are now divorced; (c) Parents, children; (d) Persons related by blood (such as brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, or grandparents); (e) Persons who live together now or who lived together in the past; (f) Persons who have a child together, even if they have not been married or lived together; (g) Persons who have an unborn child together; (h) Persons involved in a significant romantic or sexual relationship. C. A HEARING WILL NOT BE HELD UNLESS YOU REQUEST IT WITHIN 5 DAYS OF RECEIVING THESE DOCUMENTS, OR UNLESS ONE HAS BEEN SCHEDULED ALREADY. CHECK THE ATTACHED DOCUMENTS; IF NO HEARING IS SCHEDULED AND YOU WANT ONE, USE THE ATTACHED PETITION FOR HEARING TO REQUEST A HEARING. FILL IT OUT AND RETURN IT TO THE COURT ADMINISTRATOR'S OFFICE AT: DOMESTIC ABUSE/HARASSMENT OFFICE, RAMSEY COUNTY JUVENILE AND FAMILY JUSTICE CENTER, 25 W. 7TH STREET, ST. PAUL MN 55102, 651-266-5130. The court administrator's office closes at 4:30 p.m. D. If you move, it is important that the court knows where you are. Please keep the court administrator informed of your address. NOTE: If a hearing is scheduled and an emergency arises and you are unable to attend it, you must call the court administrator about rescheduling and you may be instructed to submit something in writing to the court. If you do not appear and do not have a good reason for not appearing, the court may grant this domestic abuse petition.

IF YOU HAVE BEEN ORDERED TO APPEAR IN COURT OR WISH A HEARING, IT IS IMPORTANT YOU UNDERSTAND: 1. There are generally many cases on a court calendar. You need to plan on being in court the entire morning or afternoon. Also, make sure to bring the court papers served on you to court and any witnesses and evidence. If you want a lawyer, you must hire your own. You cannot get a public defender appointed because a public defender is only available in criminal cases and this is a civil case. A trial may be heard the same day to determine whether or not an Order for Protection will be issued. If an Order for Protection is issued, the court may: a. exclude you from the home of the person and/or children named in the case; b. order you not to commit acts of domestic abuse against the petitioner: may not harm or cause fear of harm to the Petitioner or the child(ren), and that you may not use, attempt to use, or threaten to use physical force that would reasonably be expected to cause bodily injury to Petitioner or the child(ren); c. order you not to have any contact with Petitioner or the child(ren); d. order you to complete a program or evaluation (domestic abuse program, a chemical abuse program, or mental health program); e. determine custody of children, order child support and/or spousal maintenance; If the court orders that you attend some kind of treatment, program or undergo an evaluation, you may need to return to court for a review of your compliance of the order.





****The following items are prohibited from entering the court areas**** Ammunition of any kind, Asian Stars, ASP, Clubs, Kubatons, Box Cutters, Util. Knives, Brass, Knuckles, Cameras, Camcorders, Can Openers (P-38), Chains of any kind, Cigar Cutters, Cork Screws, Darts, Diaper or Safety Pins, Drug Paraphernalia, Drugs (other), Explosives, Flammable Liquids, Guns of any kind, Hacksaw Blades, Hacksaw Files, Hammers, Handcuff Keys, Knives of any kind, Laser Pointers, Leathermans, Letter Openers, Mace, Pepper, Dog Rep., Nail Clippers, Nail Files of any size (metal, Nail kits, Needles of any kind, Pagers, Picks of any kind, Razors or blades, Recording devices, Scissors of any size, Screwdrivers, Stun Guns, Tweezers, Two-Way Radios, Umbrellas, Utensils of any kind, Wrenches.