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Office of the Secretary of State Corporations Section P.O. Box 13697 Austin, Texas 78711-3697
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Applicant is the owner of a trademark or service mark which has been registered with the Secretary of State and hereby applies for renewal of the registration.

1. 2. 3.

Applicant name Applicant address The registered mark is described as

4. 5.

The registration number issued by the secretary of state is Check either A or B below. A. The mark is still in use by the applicant in this state. B. The mark is not in use in Texas at this time. Nonuse of the mark is due to special circumstances that excuse the nonuse and is not due to an intention to abandon the mark in this state.

Date: Signature of Applicant




1. Registrations issued under Chapter 16, Texas Business & Commerce Code remain in force for ten (10) years and may be renewed for additional ten (10) year periods by filing this application for renewal within SIX (6) MONTHS BEFORE the day the registration expires. Only the applicant of record with the secretary of state may file a renewal. If ownership of the mark has been assigned or transferred, or the name of the registrant has changed, the assignment, transfer of ownership, or change of name must be filed concurrently with the renewal application. If the mark has been assigned, form 903 may be used to record the assignment. Form 904 may be used to record a transfer in ownership or change of name of the registrant. If either the mark or the classification of the goods or services has substantially changed from the previous registration, a new registration for the altered mark or new classification must be made. To complete items 3 and 4 of the application, the description of the mark and registration number can be obtained from the original Certificate of Registration. If the applicant is a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or other type of legal entity, state the title of the officer, manager, or partner below the signature. Prior to signing, please review carefully the statements set forth in the application. A person commits an offense under Section 16.31, Business & Commerce Code, if the person signs a document that is forged or that the person knows is false in any material respect with the intent that the document be delivered to the secretary of state for filing. The offense is a Class A misdemeanor. In addition, an application or registration procured by fraud is subject to cancellation pursuant to Sections 16.16 and 16.28, Business & Commerce Code. If the application is incomplete or defective, the renewal will be refused. The application may be completed or amended in response to a refusal. A response to an adverse action of the examiner must be received prior to the expiration of the period provided for response or prior to the expiration of the term of registration, whichever date is earliest. If the application for renewal cannot be filed prior to the expiration of the term of registration, a new application for trademark registration must be made. Send the original and one copy of the application and the processing fee of $25.00 to the address shown in the heading of this form. The delivery address is 1019 Brazos, Austin, Texas 78701. The fax number is (512) 463-5709. This form is designed to meet minimum statutory filing requirements; no warranty is made regarding the suitability of this form for any particular purpose. This form and the information provided are not substitutes for the advice of an attorney.



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Form No. 902 Revised 10/01