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AR-0135 (3/2001) By Authority of Public Act 300 of 1974 Michigan Department of State


Clear Form

Please TYPE or PRINT. Read instructions on back before completing. 1. NAME 3. HOME ADDRESS (Last) (Street) (First) (City) (Middle)

DATE (Month) (State) (Day) (Year) (Zip)

2. BIRTH DATE (County)



6. SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER 8. Number of months employed at facility: College: 1 2 3 4



7. If you are now employed or soon will be employed at a repair facility, give name and address of facility: 9. A. Circle the highest school grade completed: 8 or under 9 10 11 12 GED

B. Number of months of motor vehicle mechanic education or training you have received: Other Training: 10. CHECK THE REPAIR CATEGORIES IN WHICH YOU ARE APPLYING FOR A TRAINEE PERMIT. NOTE: The original mechanic trainee permit, issued in specific repair categories, will expire at the end of 24 months and will not be renewed or reissued. The mechanic trainee must work under the direct supervision of an appropriately certified mechanic in only those categories specified on the permit. (See additional information on the back of this application.) Automobiles and Light Trucks (Vehicles under 10,000 #GVW) B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. L. ! Collision-Related Mechanical Repair M. ! Motorcycle N. ! Recreational Trailer Heavy-Duty Trucks (Vehicles over 10,000 #GVW) Q. ! R. ! S. ! T. ! U. ! V. ! Engine Repair - Gasoline Engine Repair - Diesel Drive Train Brakes and Braking Systems Suspension and Steering Systems Electrical Systems

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Engine Repair Automatic Transmission Manual Transmission Front End, Suspension and Steering Systems Brakes and Braking Systems Electrical Systems Heating and Air Conditioning Engine Tune-Up/Performance Pre-1973 Vehicles Unitized Body Structural Repair

11. ARRESTS OR CONVICTIONS -- Have you been arrested or convicted of an auto-related crime, other than a traffic violation, in Michigan or any other state within the past 10 years? ! NO ! YES If your answer is YES, give complete details of all arrests or convictions in the past 10 years. Attach an additional sheet, if necessary. Details:

Date of Arrest(s) or Conviction(s): Court(s): City and State:

12. FEE - A FEE OF $20 MUST ACCOMPANY THE APPLICATION FOR MECHANIC TRAINEE PERMIT. Enclose a check or money order made payable to STATE OF MICHIGAN. Applications received without the correct fee will be returned. Mail application and fee to: MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF STATE BUREAU OF REGULATORY SERVICES LICENSING UNIT LANSING, MICHIGAN 48918 NOTE: NO FEE IS REQUIRED IF YOU ARE ALREADY CERTIFIED BY THE STATE OF MICHIGAN AND YOUR CERTIFICATE IS CURRENT. IF CERTIFIED, ENTER YOUR MECHANIC NUMBER: M ________________________. 13. CERTIFICATION AND SIGNATURE I certify to the truth and accuracy of representations made in this application, including all statements attached hereto, and further agree that any legal process affecting me served on the Secretary of State or his/her deputies shall have the same effect as if personally served on me, and hereby authorize the release of all criminal history information that pertains to me on file at the Michigan State Police Central Records Division or at any court of record. Any misleading, incomplete, or false statement may be grounds for revocation, suspension, or denial of a mechanic trainee permit.

Don't forget to sign and date the form before mailing.

Item 1......Enter your last, first, and middle names. Item 2......Enter your birth date. Item 3......Enter your home address. Item 4......Enter your home telephone number. Item 5......Enter your driver license or State of Michigan ID number. Item 6......Enter your Social Security Number. Item 7......If you are presently employed at a motor vehicle repair facility, enter the name and address of the facility. Item 8......Enter the number of months employed at the facility. Item 9...... A. B. Circle the highest grade you completed in school. Write the number of months of education or training you have received in automobile or heavy-duty truck service and repair while attending high school, trade or technical schools, or college. If you have participated in an apprenticeship program, or attended short courses in automotive service and repair offered by automotive or equipment manufacturers, etc., list the information in the "Other Training" space.

Item 10.....Check the repair categories in which you are applying for a mechanic trainee permit. You may make application to become a trainee in one or several categories of repair at the same time. By the end of the two-year period you must become certified in all of the repair categories in which you were a trainee or stop working in those categories. Note: A trainee permit may be reissued only in the following Automobile and Light Duty Truck specialty categories if the applicant did not have a trainee permit in these categories during the previous three years: Engine Tune-up/Performance, Electrical Systems, or Brakes and Braking Systems. It is not necessary to apply to become a trainee in all repair categories at the same time. You may make application (at a later date) to become a trainee in other categories of repair during the term of your initial trainee permit, after receiving certification in the categories in which you were a trainee, or at the end of the initial two-year trainee period. Item 11.....You must indicate whether you have been arrested or convicted of an auto-related crime within the past 10 years. If so, you must provide complete details of each arrest and conviction. Item 12.....THE FEE FOR A MECHANIC TRAINEE PERMIT IS $20. Make check or money order payable to STATE OF MICHIGAN. Applications received without the $20 fee will be returned. NOTE: NO FEE IS REQUIRED IF YOU ARE ALREADY A STATE CERTIFIED MECHANIC AND YOUR CERTIFICATE IS CURRENT. IF CERTIFIED, ENTER YOUR CERTIFICATION NUMBER IN THE SPACE PROVIDED. Item 13.....You must sign the application attesting to the best of your knowledge and belief that the information presented on the application form is true, correct, and complete, and authorizing the Department of State to obtain criminal history information from the Michigan State Police. AFTER YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE APPLICATION, ENCLOSE CHECK OR MONEY ORDER AND MAIL TO:

Michigan Department of State Bureau of Regulatory Services Licensing Unit Lansing, MI 48918
If you have questions about this application, or about mechanic testing and certification, telephone the Licensing Unit at 1-888-SOS-MICH (1-888-767-6424).