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Wyoming Secretary of State
State Capitol Building 200 West 24th Street Cheyenne, WY 82002-0020 Ph. 307.777.5335 Fax 307.777.5339

Notary Public Self-Help Test
Although the self-help test is not mandatory, we recommend you take the test. If you have any questions after reviewing the handbook, please contact the Notary Officer for clarification. T___F___ 1. T___F___ 2. T___F___ 3. T___F___ 4. T___F___ 5. T___F___ 6. T___F___ 7. T___F___ 8. T___F___ 9. T___F___ 10. T___F___ 11. T___F___ 12. T___F___ 13. T___F___ 14. A notary public commission term is four years. It is the responsibility of the notary to attach the proper certificate or jurat to the document he/she is notarizing. A notary is required to have a stamp or seal. It is the notary's responsibility to assure that the bond is filed properly. If a notary moves from one county to another, his/her notary commission transfers with him/her. It is appropriate to notarize a document before the document is signed. A notary public may perform his/her duties only in the county in which he/she is commissioned. If a notary has a change of name, he/she must notify the Secretary of State but not the county clerk. A notary may be commissioned in the county where he/she works even if he/she does not live in that county. The notary stamp or seal must have the name of the notary and the name of the county in it. A notary should not witness signatures on a document that he/she is a party to, e.g. car title. A notary may set his/her fee at any rate for performing his/her duties. In some cases, a notary public may be sentenced to prison for improperly performing his/her duties. A notary may notarize a document with only one of two signature blocks filled in if the second signature block is lined out, initialed and dated or if a sentence is written above/below the testament indicating only the one person physically appeared before the notary. You are not a valid notary public unless you have filed your bond in the office of the County Clerk within 60 days of the beginning date of your commission and you have received your certificate of commission. At the beginning of the notary statement where it states "State of Wyoming, County of __________", the name of the county where the notarization takes place should be listed. It is important to ask for proper identification when acknowledging a signature of a person you do not personally know. If you have a change of name, you can continue using your notary commission name until renewal. A notary may photocopy an original document and certify that it is a true and correct copy. A notary may refuse service to anyone even if they make a reasonable and lawful request for a notarization.

T___F___ 15.

T___F___ 16.

T___F___ 17.

T___F___ 18. T___F___ 19. T___F___ 20. Answers