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JD-HM-32 Rev. 4-08 C.G.S. 51-348, P.B. Sec. 8-1



Instructions 1. Type or print legibly; sign summons. 2. If there is more than one defendant, prepare or photocopy conformed summons for each additional defendant. 3. Attach the original summons to the original complaint, and attach a copy of the summons to each copy of the complaint. Also, if there are more than 2 plaintiffs or 4 defendants prepare form JD-CV-2 and attach it to the original and all copies of the complaint. 4. After service has been made by officer, file original papers and officer's return wi h the clerk of court.

NOTICE TO OCCUPANT(S) NOT NAMED ON THE SUMMONS If you claim to have a right to continue to occupy the premises you should promptly complete and file with the Clerk's Office a Claim of Exemption, form JD-HM-3. The Claim of Exemption may be obtained from the Clerk at the address listed below or on-line at

TO: Any proper officer; BY AUTHORITY OF THE STATE OF CONNECTICUT, you are hereby commanded to make due and legal service of this Summons and attached Complaint.
Judicial District At (Town in which writ is returnable) (C.G.S. 51-346, 51-349) G.A. No. Housing Session Address of Court Clerk Where Writ and Other Papers Shall Be Filed (No , street, town and zip code) (C.G.S. 51-346, 51-350)

Return Date (Mo., day, yr ) (Any day but Sundays and legal holidays) Case Type (From Judicial Branch code list)





Telephone Number of Clerk

Parties First Named Plaintiff Additional Plaintiff First Named Defendant Additional Defendant Additional Defendant Additional Defendant

Name and Complete Address of Each Party (No., street, town and zip code)

Form JD-CV-2 attached

1. You are being sued for possession of premises occupied by you. 2. This paper is a Summons in a summary process (eviction) action. 3. The Complaint attached to these papers states the grounds for eviction (possession) claimed by the plaintiff. 4. To respond to this Summons, or to be notified of further proceedings, you or your attorney must file a form called an "Appearance" with the Clerk of the above-named Court at the above Court address on or before the second day after the above Return Date. 5. If you or your attorney do not file a written "Appearance" form on time, a judgment may be entered against you by default giving the plaintiff the right to evict you from the premises. 6. The "Appearance" form may be obtained at the above Court address or on-line at
Date Signed (Sign and "X" proper box)

7. Each court location will also provide you with an instructions pamphlet (JDP-HM-15) explaining the summary process (eviction) action and with an "Answer" form (JD-HM-5) so that you may file an answer to the plaintiff's claims against you. The pamphlet and Answer form may also be obtained on-line at 8. If you have questions about the Summons and Complaint, you should talk to an attorney promptly. The Clerk of Court is not allowed to give advice on legal questions; however, in Housing Session locations only, the clerk is authorized to give procedural assistance to all selfrepresented parties.
Comm. of Superior Court Assistant Clerk Type Name of Person Signing at Left

Name and Address of Attorney, Law Firm or Plaintiff if Self-Represented (No. street, town and zip code) Name and Address of Person Recognized to Prosecute in the Amount of $250 (Not to be completed by pro se plaintiffs) # PLFS. # DEFS. # CNTS. Signed (Official taking recognizance; "X" proper box) Telephone Number Juris No. (If atty. or law firm)

Signature of Plain iff if Self-Represented

Comm. of Superior Court Assistant Clerk

For Court Use Only
Receipt No: File Date No Fee

IF THIS SUMMONS IS SIGNED BY A CLERK: a. The signing has been done so that the Plaintiff(s) will not be denied access to the courts. b. It is the responsibility of the Plaintiff(s) to see that service is made in the manner provided by law. c. The Clerk is not permitted to give any legal advice in connection with any lawsuit. d. The Clerk signing this Summons at the request of the Plaintiff(s) is not responsible in any way for any errors or omissions in the Summons, any allegations contained in the Complaint, or the service thereof.

I certify I have read and understand the above:

Signed (Self-represented plaintiff)

Date Signed

Docket Number