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MALANGA LAW OFFICE Firm Bar No. 00444700 Ralph Malanga,Bar No. 009201 P OB o x 1 5 1 5 Bisbee, AZ 85603-2515 (s20) 432-9066 FAX 432-5373 [email protected] AttornEvTor Defendant UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT DISTRICT OF ARIZONA UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Plaintiff, ) ) )

No. CR04-00833 PHX FRZ (BPV)


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(Defendant's First Request/ Without Objection)

COMES NOW the Defendant, SaulLarguerro-Hernandez,by through and undersigned counsel and movesthis Court for a 30-daycontinuance the Evidentiary of Hearingin this mattercurrentlyscheduled October17,2006 for the fbllowing reasons: for l) Defensecounselhas a ArizonaDepartment CorrectionsAppeal Hearing in Safford, of Arizonaon the 17th October,2006,which was scheduled prior to this Evidentiary of Hearingand is not subjectto continuance pursuantto the AdrninistrativeLaw Judge's directive; pendingin cause 2) The defendant re-entrycharges has numberCR06-01367 TUC FRZ (BPV) and a plea offer hasbeenmade.However,that plea did not contemplate the which is the subject this EvidentiaryHearing. The of violationof supervised release

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a parties time to negotiate plea which would haveconferred and requireadditional judicial resources expediting and for of incorporate both cases the purpose conserving resolution both thesematters. of Counselfor the Defendanthasconfenedwith Assistantto US Attorney. Don B.

Case 2:04-cr-00833-FRZ-BPV

Document 26

Filed 10/10/2006

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Overall who indicated he hasno objection a continuance. Defendant that to The

2 anticipates excludable that delayunder Title 18,U.S.C. (hX3XBX8)(A) occur will $3161
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asa resultof this motionandorder. RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED l0'ndayof October,2006. this

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s/ Ralph Malanga
Ralph Malanga

Copiesof the foregoingserved electronically or by bther means on-Oct6ber 2006,to: 10, Hon. FrankR. Zapata UnitedStates DisirictCourt 405 W. Congress, 5160 Ste. Tucson, AZ8570l-5050 Don B. Overall Assistant United States Attornev 4 0 5 W . C on sre ss. te .4 8 0 0 S Tucson. AZ*85761-5041 Saul Larguerro-Hern andez

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Case 2:04-cr-00833-FRZ-BPV

Document 26

Filed 10/10/2006

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