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AOC-335 Rev. 2-03 Page 1 of 2

Doc. Code: ASW
01/9/2007 11:37 am
Ver. 1.01


Commonwealth of Kentucky Court of Justice Ky Const. Section 10; RCr 13.10

Affiant, ____________________________________________________________________, a peace officer of ___________________________________________, being first duly sworn, states he/she has, and there is reasonable and probable grounds to believe, and Affiant does believe, there is now on the premises known and numbered as:

and more particularly described as follows:

and/or in a vehicle or vehicles described as:

and/or on the person or persons of:

the following described personal property, to wit:

Affiant believes and states there is probable and reasonable cause to believe said property constitutes: (check appropriate box or boxes): [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] stolen or embezzled property; property or things used as means of committing a crime; property or things in possession of a person who intends to use it as a means of committing a crime; property or things in possession of a person to whom it was delivered for the purpose of concealing it or preventing its discovery and which is intended to be used as a means of committing a crime; property or things consisting of evidence which tends to show a crime has been committed or a particular person has committed a crime; Other _____________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________.


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AOC-335 Rev. 2-03 Page 2 of 2 Affiant has been an officer in the aforementioned agency for a period of ________ years and _________ months. The information and observations contained herein were received and made in his/her capacity as an officer thereof. On ____________________, 2_______, at approximately __________ [ ] a.m./ [ ] p.m., Affiant received information from/observed:

Acting on the information received, Affiant conducted the following independent investigation:

Affiant has reasonable and probable cause to believe, and believes, grounds exist for issuance of a Search Warrant based on the aforementioned facts, information and circumstances and prays a Search Warrant be issued, that the property (or any part thereof) be seized and brought before any Court and/or retained subject to order of said Court. ____________________________________________ Officer

Subscribed and sworn to before me on this the _______ day of ______________________, 2________, at ____________________ [ ] a.m./ [ ] p.m. My Commission expires: ______________________, 2______. ______________________________________ Notary Public


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