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Notice to Client/Pro Se Party Pursuant to R. 4:23-5(a)(1)

Enclosed is a copy of the court's order which ______ dismisses your complaint ______ strikes your answer and defenses ______ other (be specific) This order can be vacated only by a formal motion. You must fully respond to demands for discovery made pursuant to R. 4:17, R. 4:18-1 or R. 4:19 and served on behalf of (name) prior to the filing of such a motion, and you must pay a restoration fee of $100.00 if the motion to vacate is made within 30 days after entry of this order and in the amount of $300.00 if the motion is made thereafter. Failure to file such a motion within 90 days after the entry of this order may result in the imposition of counsel fees and the assessment of costs against you or may forever preclude the restoration of the pleading(s) filed on your behalf. Please be guided accordingly.

Effective 09/01/2008, CN 11249-English (Appendix II-A)