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Civil Court of the City of New York
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Claimant(s)/Plainti ff(s)/Petitioner(s) -against-



TO: The enclosed transcript is being forwarded to you, the appellee, following Section 1704 of the Civil Court Act together with a copy of the proposed amendments. Within fifteen (15) days of service you shall make any proposed amendments or objections to the transcript and serve them on the appellant. The amendments or objections are to be made by referring to the page and line number in the transcript and specifying the change. For example, if the transcript says that the time that an incident occurred was 3:30 P.M. when the testimony given at the trial was 2:30 P.M., label a piece of paper Proposed Amendments and Objections, list the page, the line number and the proposed amendment. You must return a copy of the proposed amendments to the appellant. Be sure to serve the proposed amendments on the appellant within fifteen (15) days. After the appellant receives the transcript he/she will set a date for settlement. At that time the transcript and the proposed amendments will be submitted to the judge. You need not appear in Court on that day. Any further proceedings will take place in the Appellate Term of the Supreme Court. Dated: CIV-GP-42-i (Revised 4/04) Signature: Appellant Address:

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