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  • Make your Free Bill of Sale form and get a free question answered by a real attorney.

  • Automobile Bill Of Sale
  • These legal forms are required when selling any type of motor vehicle. We have included instructions on how to accurately fill out each section.

  • FREE Dr-26s
  • ... Suggested Documentation: 1. Legible copy of the bill of sale, purchase order, or buyer ... refund request . Copy of the bill of sale 3. Copy of the Florida registration is ... of the bill of sale. Copy of invoices. Copy of the DR-95A. Copy of the Schedule of ...
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  • FREE Dr-42a
  • ... must include a copy of the Bill of Sale which shows the correct ... the F.A.A. Bill of Sale) even if no tax ... numbers: _________________________ STATE OF FLORIDA, COUNTY OF ______________________________________________________________________________ Sworn to ...
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  • FREE Dr-42b
  • ... . 07/02 Name of vessel Name of purchaser Address Year Make ... subscribed to before me this______________day of ____________________________________________ Notary Public , 20_____ ... FROM RECEIPT. A COPY OF THE BILL OF SALE AND OTHER DOCUMENTATION WHICH ...
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  • FREE Gt-800009
  • ... at the time of sale or delivery. All sales of aircraft between individuals ... is complete. At the time of sale, the dealer must get a ... give us a copy of the invoice, bill of sale, and/or closing statement ... have made at least one sale of an aircraft with a selling ...
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