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This Affidavit of Title sets forth that the individual signing the affidavit is the sole owner of certain property and has the right and power to sell the property. The affidavit also sets out there are no liens, pending judgments or suits against the property to be sold. This Affidavit of Title must be signed in the presence of a notary public.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.


STATE OF ____________)

) S.S.:

COUNTY OF __________)

I/We ________________________ of ________________________________________, the undersigned (the “Seller”) hereby depose and say under oath:

Seller is over eighteen (18) years of age and is under no legal disability or incapacity.
Seller is the sole owner of the Property located at ___________________________ ________________________________ and is legally described as follows ________________________________________ (the “Property”)

2. The Seller is in sole possession of the said Property. The Seller has full rights and power to sell and transfer the said Property. No other person whether tenants or occupants are in possession of the Property nor there are any claims relating to the ownership or possession of the Property. Also the Seller has not executed any agreement to sell or transfer any ownership interest in the property.

3. No labor, services, or materials has been furnished or delivered to the Property or used for improvements or repairs of the Property at any time within the past four (4) months that has not been fully paid for. Also, the Seller has paid in full all expenses and charges for municipal improvements such as sewers, sidewalks, curbs or similar improvements benefiting this property. To the knowledge of Seller, the Property is not subject to taxes of any kind or any special assessments other than those shown as existing liens by the public records Seller has no debts, outstanding contracts, or liabilities that could give rise to or result in a lien or a claim of lien against the Property.

4. All fixtures present on the Property are fully paid for and are not subject to any conditional sales contracts, chattel mortgages, or other security interests. Seller represent that it has not done any acts on the Property that would adversely affect the title since the effective date on the title commitment up through and including the closing date.

5. There are no agreements for driveway, overlaps, boundary lines in dispute, or any unrecorded easements in respect of the Property.

6. There are no pending suits or judgments, executions, attachments in any court or other forum with regard to the Property or any other legal obligations which may be enforced against the property.

Under penalty of perjury, Seller declares that the Seller has examined this Affidavit to the best of Seller knowledge and belief it is true, correct, and complete.


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Sworn to before me this _________________ day of ______________________, 20_____



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