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Plaintiff Circle One: Appellant Appellee V.

Court/Administrative Agency (Trial Court Docket No.)

(Supreme Court Docket No. if known) Defendant Circle One: Appellant Appellee * Appellee need not complete sections A., B., or C. unless appellee disagrees with appellant's answers. A. Court/Counsel 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) B. Trial Judge: Trial Counsel for Plaintiff Trial Counsel for Defendant: Counsel in Supreme Court for Plaintiff: Counsel in Supreme Court for Defendant: Please list other parties and their counsel: Date of Decision Being Appealed: Date Notice of Appeal Filed:

Criminal Cases 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Was defendant given a sentence of imprisonment? If so, what is the sentence? If so, has the sentence been stayed pending appeal? If the sentence has not been stayed, when did the defendant begin service of the sentence? What penalty other than a sentence has been imposed? Please describe: Was trial counsel appointed or retained?


Brief Description of Nature of Case and Result (Include a summary of facts and the procedural history. Separate page may be attached.)


Statement of Issues To Be Raised on Appeal (Appellant should state each question in a separately numbered paragraph. Appellee should briefly state position on each question enumerated by appellant and state any cross-appeal questions. All parties should read V.R.A.P. 10(b) before completing this section. Separate pages may be attached.)

10/03 SML


Copy of Decision Appealed From To Be Attached. Was there a written decision? Yes No (Circle One)

A copy of the written decision, order, or opinion appealed from must be attached.


Inventory of Hearings; Transcripts Ordered.

The appellant must list every recorded hearing which was held in this matter, including the date, the type of hearings (e.g., pretrial, suppression, status conference, trial) and the stenographer for each. If the hearing was tape-recorded, so state instead of naming the stenographer. Attach additional pages if needed. (NOTE: Transcript(s) must be ordered within ten days of notice of appeal; the attorney ordering the transcript(s) must serve copies of each order upon the clerk of the Supreme Court and all parties, as well as the trial court. See V.R.A.P. I 0(b)(1). Length of hearing days/hours Transcript necessary for appeal?* Date necessary transcript ordered

Date of hearing

Type of hearing

Reporter's name (or ''TAPE'')

Does the appellee agree as to which transcript(s) are essential for the appeal? If not, indicate name(s), date(s), and reporter(s) of additional transcript(s) needed.



(Circle One)

G. (1)

Conference; Expedited Resolution Do you request a conference with a staff attorney to discuss either settlement or expedited resolution? (Most conferences are done by telephone.) Is this matter appropriate for expedited disposition by a three-justice panel pursuant to V.R.A.P. 33.1 and the criteria set forth in V.R.A.P. 33.2? Please Explain. Yes No (Circle One) (Circle One)




Submitted by: Dated: Signed:

(Typed name of party)

(Signature of attorney/pro se) Address:

* If no transcripts are necessary for appeal, check here [
10/03 SML