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Participants MUST COMPLY WITH EACH REQUIREMENT listed below: 1. YOU MUST CALL IN AND CONNECT to the "Meet-Me" telephone hearing line NO LATER THAN THE HEARING TIME set in the enclosed notice. When connected, ENTER the 3-digit ID No. in the enclosed notice followed by the "#" key, or personally appear in the judge's courtroom. The court will NOT call the parties. [NOTES: (a) Do NOT call more than 5 minutes before the hearing; AND (b) If you have problems connecting, call the court at either 503-326-1510 for a PORTLAND office case OR 541-431-4005 for a EUGENE office case.] 2. DO NOT USE a SPEAKER PHONE, CELL PHONE OR HEADSET! You may be asked to call from another telephone if your phone causes static or has excessive background noise, etc., or the signal is weak or drops. 3. You must take all necessary steps to ELIMINATE BACKGROUND NOISE, such as shutting the door, turning off music, not putting the court on hold if it will result in music or other noise, not talking to third parties, using a "Do Not Disturb" button so the telephone/intercom will not ring, positioning the telephone to minimize paper rustling, and keeping all nonparticipants in the room quiet. 4. DO NOT introduce yourself until the court calls your specific hearing. Simply stay on the line, even if there is only silence, until the judge appears, and then continue to listen quietly until your hearing is called. 5. Whenever speaking, you must first identify yourself. 6. DO NOT be late. The judge will handle late calls the same as (s)he would a late appearance in court. If the case has already been called, the judge will likely decline to revisit any decision that was made when the case was called. Failure of the movant/plaintiff to appear at the scheduled time may result in denial of the relief requested, and failure of the respondent/defendant may result in the court granting the relief requested. Clerk, U.S. Bankruptcy Court

Meet-Me (8/8/08)