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Hearing will be held only if requested. Deadline to file a request:
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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Trustee or Debtor in Possession is proposing a sale or other transaction involving property of the bankruptcy estate, that is not being made in the ordinary course of the Debtor's business. Your rights may be affected. You should read these papers carefully and discuss them with your attorney, if you have one in this bankruptcy case. (If you do not have an attorney, you may wish to consult one.) If you do not want the court to approve the use, sale, or lease of property that is described below, or if you want the court to consider your views on this matter, then on or before 15 days after the filing date of this notice, you or your attorney must file with the court, at the address shown below, an objection or a written request for a hearing. You must also mail a copy to the address in the upper left corner of this notice. If you mail your objection or request to the court for filing, you must mail it early enough so the court will receive it on or before the deadline stated here. United States Bankruptcy Court Deadline to file an objection/request for hearing: (15 days after date notice is filed unless time shortened) District of Hawaii 1132 Bishop Street, Suite 250L Date: Honolulu, HI 96813 If the court schedules a hearing, you will receive a separate notice of the hearing date and time. If you or your attorney do not file an objection or a request for a hearing, the court may decide that you do not oppose the proposed use, sale, or lease of property and may enter an order approving the transaction. Description of Property: (specific identification required, e.g. TMK, VIN) Public Sale Private Sale Other (describe on next page) Type of Transaction: Property will remain subject to any liens or interests, i.e. not paid from proceeds. Proposed Buyer: (if known)

hib_6004a 3/08 [ECF: Trustee/US Trustee or Chapter 11 Events ... Notice of Proposed Sale of Property]

List any Liens or Interests in the Property:

(Sale price or minimum bid, amount and form of funds required at sale, proposed date for actual sale and closing, etc.)

Proposed Sale Price and Terms of Sale:

Estimated Fair Market Value; Basis for Valuation:

Other Details:

If checked, an order is requested providing that there be no 10day stay under Fed. R. Bankr. P. 6004(h).

Dated: _________________________ /s/________________________________________ Trustee/Debtor in Possession/Attorney

hib_6004a 3/08 [ECF: Trustee/US Trustee or Chapter 11 Events ... Notice of Proposed Sale of Property]