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Date: January 25, 2006
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SPECIAL NOTICE TO COUNSEL WITH CASES BEFORE SENIOR US DISTRICT JUDGE MATTHEW J. PERRY, JR. Please carefully review the following instructions which relate to problems which frequently arise regarding scheduling orders and related litigation management issues. CM/ECF The Case Management/Electronic Case Filing System (CM/ECF) is now fully up and running in this District. All Filings by attorneys admitted to this bar must be made via CM/ECF. Please refer to the court's website for further information on CM/ECF and Judge Perry's filing preferences. Requests for extension of time or protection via fax, mail or telephone are no longer accepted: All written communications to the court must be filed electronically in the case. Extension of time or protection requests must comply with Local Rule 6.01. Proposed orders shall be sent as WORDPERFECT documents directly to chambers at (Times New Roman font, 12 pt., double spaced is preferred. Consent Orders must contain the signatures of all consenting parties. The original must be transmitted via US Mail to chambers. COURTESY COPIES JUDGE PERRY REQUIRES HARD COPIES OF ALL FILINGS. THIS INCLUDES EVERY PLEADING AND EVERY EXHIBIT. HARD COPIES SHOULD BE SENT VIA US MAIL TO CHAMBERS. EXTENSION OF DEADLINES The deadlines in scheduling orders issued by this court are established after review of the parties' Fed. R. Civ.P. 26.01 interrogatory responses with careful consideration to the nature of the case. If it becomes necessary to seek an extension, you may file a motion addressing the following: -Date of the current deadline; -Whether the deadline has been extended before: -The number of additional days requested, and proposed new deadline; ­Whether the extension would affect other deadlines; and -If opposing counsel agrees to or opposes the extension. (If opposing counsel agrees attached a proposed consent order) Do not wait until the last day before the deadline expires to request and extension. Do not call chambers to determine if the extension has been granted. You may, however, call the case managerin the Clerk's Office to check the docket on the CM/ECF website.

CALLS TO CHAMBERS. Judge Perry requests that administrative assistants and paralegals not call chambers concerning a pending case. If the attorney in a case has a question that needs an immediate response, the attorney should call chambers and should have opposing counsel on the line. Ex Parte Communications are Strongly Discouraged. SCHEDULING AND RESCHEDULING DO NOT CALL CHAMBERS TO SCHEDULE OR RESCHEDULE A MATTER. You may submit any such request in writing. In the event of an emergency, call the case manager in the Clerk's Office. FACSIMILE USAGE Under compelling circumstances, counsel may correspond with the court by facsimile. -Facsimile should not be used unless a member of chambers staff has requested or approved the use of facsimile; -Facsimile is not a substitute for filing any document required to be filed.