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This Memorandum of Agreement is hereby made by and between The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), 810 Vermont Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. 20420, and __________________________________________________ who has submitted to VA an application for a grant to construct or modify a _____________________________

___________________________________________ facility for veterans in ____________________________________
(Description) (Location) (Location)

______________________________________________________________. The Federal Application Identifier (FAI) Number for this project is ______________________. The parties agree that this application meets the requirements of Federal Law for this grant. The estimated total cost of $__________________, including equipment, in which VA will participate, is $ ______________. The VA grant will total up to $_____________, but will not exceed one hundred (100) percent of the actual cost of $_______________ as determined at final audit. In consideration of the foregoing, the parties hereby mutually agree as follows: (1) ___________________________________ certifies that the plans and specifications included in the application meet all applicable Federal requirements. (2) ___________________________________ agrees that it will construct or acquire a

__________________________________________________________________________________, to be completed in
(Description of the project)

accordance with the documentation submitted by the State. (3) ___________________________________ agrees to comply strictly with the assurances contained in the documentation submitted by the state. (4) ___________________________________ agrees to enter into a contract to construct or modify a _________________________________________________________________________
(Description of this project)

within 90 days of the date on which both parties have signed this agreement. (5) ___________________________________ agrees to periodically inspect the project and certify to the Director, State Cemetery Grants Serivce (41E), 810 Vermont Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. 20420, for payment of such sums which it deems are payable by VA.
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(6) ___________________________________ agrees to furnish any additional State funds needed to complete the project. (7) ___________________________________ agrees that, upon completion of the project, it will provide adequate financial support to maintain and operate the facility. (8) ___________________________________ agrees that it will operate and maintain the facility in conformance with State standards and with all applicable State and local laws, codes, regulations and ordinances, and in conformance with NCA Shrine standards prescribed by VA. (9) ___________________________________ agrees that it will make such reports in such form and containing such information as the Secretary may from time to time reasonably require, and give the Secretary, upon demand, access to the records upon which such information is based.

The Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs hereby approves the project. After _____________________ certifies its construction or modification costs as set forth in paragraph (5) above, the Secretary agrees to make

partial payments of the grant to cover the costs certified. VA payments will be limited to the unpaid obligated balance of the grant for actual incurred costs for this project. If all funds have not been used by the State for the purpose of the project within three years after being so made available, the United States shall be entitled to recover any such unused funds from the State. This project is subject to the recapture provisions stated in 38 CFR 39.10. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have hereunto affixed their signature on the dates indicated:

(State or Tribal Government Authorizing Official)


(Secretary of Veterans Affairs)
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