Free Supervisor and Employee Responsibilities - Washington

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Supervisor Responsibilities:
1. Ensurethateachemployeesupervisedhasreceivedaninitialorientationbeforebeginningworkandthatthe orientationisdocumented. 2. Ensure that each employee supervised is competent or receives training on safe operation of specificequipment or tasks before starting work on that project or equipment. 3. Ensure that each employee has been issued required personal protective eguipment (PPE) before starting work on a project requiring PPE. 4. Completeadailywalkaroundsafetycheckoftheworkareaandpromptlytakecorrectiveactionforanyhazardsdiscovered. 5. Periodically observe work performance of employees supervised for compliance with safety rules contained in or referenced by this program. Provide training and take corrective action as necessary. Document employee evaluations. 6. Set a good example for employees by following established safety rules and attending required training. 7. Complete a preliminary investigation of all accidents and report findings to management. 8. Provide information to management suggesting changes to work practices or equipment that will improve employee safety.

Employee Responsibilities:
1. Followestablishedsafetyrulescontainedinthisprogram,safetystandardsandtrainingyoureceive. 2. Reportunsafeconditionsoractionstoyoursupervisororsafetycommitteerepresentativeassoonasyoubecome awareofthem. 3. Reportallinjuriestoyoursupervisorpromptlyregardlessoftheseverityofinjury. 4. Reportall-near-missaccidentstoyoursupervisorpromptly. 5. Always use personal protective equipment (PPE) in good working condition where it is required. 6. Do not remove or defeat any safety device or safeguard provided for employee protection. 7. Encourageco-workersbyyourwordsandbehaviortousesafeworkpracticesonthejob. 8. Makesuggestionstoyoursupervisor,safetycommitteerepresentativeormanagementaboutchangestoworkpractices or equipment that you believe will improve employee safety.

PUBLICATION F700-139-000 [03-2008]