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Case No. District Court Superior Court

1. Check the box below that best describes the case. Mark one box only. Cases Subject to Civil Rule 16(b)
CONTRACT Contract cases involving real property should be reported under the real property category. Debt Collection (DEB) Claim Against Seller of Goods/Services (CLM) Employment Dispute (EMP) Other Contract (OCT) TORT Intentional Tort (e.g., assault, battery, vandalism) (INT) Slander/Libel/Defamation (SLD) Product Liability (PRL) Wrongful Death (PID) Automobile Negligence Personal Injury Only (PIA) Property Damage Only (PDA) Both (IDA) Other Negligence Personal Injury Only (PIO) Property Damage Only (PDO) Both (IDO) MALPRACTICE Medical Malpractice (MMP) Legal Malpractice (LMP) Other Malpractice (OMP) REAL PROPERTY Foreclosure (FOR) Real Property Action (REM) OTHER CIVIL Declaratory Judgment/Injunctive Relief (INJ) Other (OCI). Please describe _____________________________________

Cases Exempt From Civil Rule 16(b)
DOMESTIC RELATIONS Dissolution Without Children (DIS) Dissolution With Children (DSC) Dissolution - One Spouse (DOS) Divorce Without Children (DIV) Divorce With Children (DVC) Legal Separation Without Children (LSP) Legal Separation With Children (LSC) Custody (CUS) Paternity (PAT) UIFSA - Child Support/Payment (UIF) License Action Review - Child Support (LAR) Other Domestic Relations (ODR) OTHER CIVIL Application For Post-Conviction Relief (PCR) Arbitration Proceeding (ARB) Change of Name (CON) Condemnation (CDM) Eviction - F.E.D. (FED) Registration of Foreign Judgment (FOJ) Habeas Corpus (HAB) Minor Settlement (MIN) Election Contest or Recount Appeal (ELE) (Forward immediately to assigned judge.) Consumer Protection (CPR) APPEALS & PETITIONS TO SUPERIOR COURT Appeal Administrative Agency (ADR) Appeal Civil or Small Claims (ACI) Appeal Criminal (ACR) Appeal Minor Offense (AMO) Petition for Review from District Court (PRD) Petition for Review from Admin. Agency (PRA)

2. If you checked a box in the first column, fill in the name of each defendant below, one name per line.
Name of Defendant Appearance Answer Request for Notice of Confession Entry of Dismissal of Default by Plaintiff Judgment

___________________________________ ___________________________________
Defendant list continued on back.
CIV-125 (3/07)(cs)(ht-front) CASE DESCRIPTION Civil Rules 3(a) and 16(b) & (g)

Clerk Instructions: First be sure all defendant names are listed if the case is subject to Rule 16(b) (i.e., listed in column one of section 1). Then check the appropriate box when one of the listed documents is filed or when a defendant appears in a court hearing. When there is a check beside the name of each defendant, set the case for a Pretrial Scheduling Conference. If the case is described as Consumer Protection, mail a copy of the complaint or initial pleading to the attorney general in Juneau.
Request for Notice of Entry of Dismissal Default by Plaintiff Confession of Judgment

Name of Defendant ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________



CIV-125 (3/07)(cs)(ht-back) CASE DESCRIPTION

Civil Rules 3(a) and 16(b) & (g)